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Hello and welcome back to the International Insider of Deadlines. If you haven’t enjoyed the sunny days and sunny evenings along the Croeset in Cannes, allow us to provide you with what you need to know and provide another big week loaddown on international entertainment.


FranceCannes 2022

Policy issues: Diana Lauderhose is reporting from Kan here. The 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival is well underway and the sun is shining on international delegates to make them feel like they are back in pre-epidemic days. The weekend began with Andreas’ exclusive push about the ear, demanding approval of the copy as a condition of an interview with Thierry Fremax, head of the ear. After meeting with the head of the festival in Paris last month, the Cannes Press Department asked our international editor to water down and delete some quotes, including comments about Roman Polanski and the lack of a female director. Read the full part here and Framex’s response to the story of censorship here.

Suitable for you: Before the festival officially began on Tuesday, Cannes jury member Asghar Farhadi spoke for the first time about the alleged theft in his film. Hero At the news jury conference. The Oscar-winning director has spoken at length about the lawsuit filed against him by the alumnus, acknowledging it is an ongoing process. Michelle Hazanavicius started the festival with her zombie comedy title My graduate. Read Pete Hammond’s review here.

Cruise control: Tom Cruise landed in Croydon for the premiere this week Top gun: Maverick, The hottest ticket of the week. The star sat down for a rare public interview, which was here for us with Anthony D’Alesandro, where he talks about his devotion to the big screen and discusses why streaming the film was never an option. Fighter jets landed on the coast when the film premiered at the Palace and received a five-minute standing ovation before Cruise himself was acclaimed at an amazing Palme d’Or award.

Take that: Our fearless international editor-at-large Buzz Bamigboy had a chat with the man-band Tech That. They went to the ears for the first time to promote their picture The best dayWhich was inspired by their world-winning success in the 1990s.

Original Deal: Breaking news of big projects for you with Deadline Hot Market headlines Tin soldier With Jamie Foxx, Scott Eastwood, Robert De Niro and John Leguizamo. Andreas was the scoop here. There are also starring Julianne Moore and Sandra Oh Stone mattress, New picture of Scottish director Lynn Ramsay, who broke the deadline on Wednesday. Meanwhile, STX’s longtime head of international John Friedberg has left the company before we scoop up that executive will lead Teddy Schwartzman’s new sales banner at Black Bear. We also had the track inside the competition title Tchaikovsky’s wife, Which was supported by Roman Abramovich’s Kinoprime Fund. Deadline talks with the French Ministry of Economy and Finance about films funded by Russian oligarchs. Stay tuned for more news next week as a bustle here in the south of France is guaranteed.

Sky and Amazon show off

Gangs of London

Showcase Week: Two exemplary events in London this week as Sky and Amazon rented Theater Royal, Dury Lane and London hotels, respectively. Over the next 12 months more than 250 UK shows will come from these two powerhouses and many of these events have had shows, including I hate Suzy too, Gangs of London, The Boys And Amazon’s new dating format Lovestruck High. Spent the week behind the show with a set of press releases including Sky Once in Londongrad, A documentary about Russian exiles killed in the UK has been published exclusively by Deadline. The speed at which the duo has raised their ambitions for content in the UK proves just how much of a TV production hotbed this Fair Island has become, and so it’s no surprise that Sky CEO Dana Strong has revealed the long awaited Universal Pictures. Wicked Adaptation Branding Spanking from the US is moving to the new Sky Studio Elstr্রm.

Going off (non-) script: Speaking exclusively to Deadline after the showcase, Georgia Brown, head of Amazon Studios Europe, spoke about her team’s non-scripted games and said that British broadcasters and streamers had not invested much in the same genre when she joined five years ago. “I hired a non-scripted team commissioning team before I scripted because I saw a white space being added. [non-scripted powerhouse] Fremantle and it was clear to me that broadcasters and streamers weren’t investing enough in non-scripted spaces, “he explained. -With musical Jungle The new-to-TV outfit Nothing Lost is one of the most talked about shows of the year.

Buyers seek transparency in LA screening


Clouds of Uncertainty Sunrise Studio Slate: Two weeks after the Covid-initiated digital run, LA screenings are back in person next week – “Yes!” “Go!” “Hey!” The screams of desperate international TV executives for the California sun. I dug deep into the studios’ plans and gathered the opinions of buyers and independent distributors, finding a mixture of excitement and uncertainty – what exactly can people buy and how should they spend their time best? The studios have been warehousing their streaming shows for years now, limiting what their sales executives have to offer, but the growing trend of high-performance, high-profile international co-production is disrupting the old system. . Of course, studios are becoming more and more international each year, and their slates reflect this new world order this year. Add a host of individual studios, producers and distributors who are looking for a part of the action and it is turning into a talking week on international TV. Read the full report here.

Disruptive forces

Cannes Film Festival Deadline with Caseload of Disruptor Magazine, the world’s most innovative film and TV exclusive report. Among the internationally-focused articles, Nancy talks to Priyanka Chopra about her mission to open the doors of the entertainment world to South Asian women, while Diana dives deeper into how the Russian invasion of Ukraine affected the subsequent entertainment industry, talking to veteran producer Denis Ivanov. And remember the story of the brave Russian journalist Marina Ovsayanikova, who denied the government on live TV in March. Elsewhere, Max and I became personal with the original figures behind Netflix’s hits Squid game. Read our report here and here. The mag is loaded with a lot more great stuff, so make sure you check out the digital version here.

Royal engagement

Queen Elizabeth II

YesQueen: The Queen has been on the British throne since 1952, the last time people have seen a TV show on a television set and a movie in a movie (I joke). To celebrate the huge race of the 96-year-old, the BBC has unveiled plans for a grand jubilee celebration at Buckingham Palace. Platinum Party Park. Entertainment heavyweights such as Diana Ross, Elton John and Andrew Lloyd-Weber are contributing to the event, which will be broadcast via the BBC. Also in the royal court, news broke this morning that the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, co-founded the Paris-based production house Vestapol Films with Mark Gill, the now-disgraced Prince Andrew’s ex-wife. Open’s Cyril Cadres and financier Gertzan Ruizakars.

Useful stuff

Here’s a hot: Squid game Creator Huang Dong-huk told Max that he was making a mockery of Netflix’s overnight success experience, temporarily headlined The best show on the planet.

Another: Night of the Kings Director Philip Lacot is making a feature film 7 gold thieves (7 Golden Thieves) His production and co-writing partner Delphine Jacket and Memento’s Paradise City banner have been re-launched. Here’s Andreas’ scoop.

🌶️ Warming up: Indian studio Applause Entertainment is transforming historian Ramchandra Guha’s biography of Mahatma Gandhi into a major period drama series. The crown. More details from me here.

More spices: Picked up by Revolt Films John Wick Original screenplay by author Derek Colstad Acolyte And the project will be funded and produced by Swiss distributor-producer Ascot Elite Entertainment. Read Diana’s story here.

🚌 Moving: Lorraine Garwood, former head of MIP Television Markets, has resurfaced at TV Demand Data Firm Parrot Analytics, where she will be the EMEA Director of Partnerships. The former Nielsen exec and Gracenote exec grant covers a similar role in North America. More here.

Just opened: UK management firm YMU is launching a U.S. entertainment division led by former UTA agent April Tombs. Andreas had more.

3Box office: Dr. Strange in Madness’s Multiverse Nancy is now close to $ 700M worldwide as reported on Monday.

Max Goldbert and Diana Lauderhaus contributed to this week’s International Insider.

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