The challenges of road casting have been explored The worst ones (The worst), An un-certain rigored drama about a movie in a movie. Directed by Lise Akoka and Romane Gueret, it hits a film crew in a working-class French town, with thought-provoking and sometimes gloomy fun consequences.

Flemish director Gabriel (Johann Heldenberg) casts children at Picasso in the Bologna-sur-Mer suburb. Her feature is about a pregnant teenager and her younger brother, and she wants authentic local residents. Neighbors are surprised that he’s just casting “Les Pyres” – which they think is the worst, or rumor. But there is raw talent between Lily (Mallory Wanek) and the hot-headed little Ryan (Timio Mahaut).

Lily is excited to meet people from different walks of life, and young people who treat her nicely. Ryan is initially reluctant to express his own feelings, apparently annoyed by his separation from his mother among other problems. But both can find filming therapeutic.

While this shows the positive side of their experience, it is sometimes a painful look at the problems that can arise when the industry jumps into a small town. There is division and jealousy among the youth of the area and the old locals complain that this kind of film perpetuates stereotypes and prevents rich people from coming there. Why not focus on a successful gymnastics team?

Two particularly uncomfortable scenes clearly see the principle of working with minors on a low-budget shoot. Anxious to get a realistic fight scene between a group of boys, Gabriel instructs one to insult Ryan’s mother and screams much later. For a love scene, he takes Lily and Jesse (Loic Peach) aside and talks about their first sexual experience before turning on the camera. She tells Lily if she’s feeling uncomfortable, but JCE actually reacts badly. Two female directors are imposing their own sexual and romantic experiences on a male director in a love scene, where intimacy coordinators are significantly absent.

Not that Gabriel is portrayed in a completely negative light – he’s a more tragic personality; In fact, all the characters are pleasantly complex and contradictory. Judith’s character, Esther Archambult, is great, who works in production, and has the ears of several young actors.

Directors Akoka and Guerrett have a lot of experience casting young people, a process they have explored in their short time, Royal Hunt. This feature is an interesting look at the follow-up filming experience. Not surprisingly, the pair are fans of Andrea Arnold: The worst ones Anyone who appreciates his filmmaking style should appeal to them.

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