Cannes Film Festival – Deadline

Arguably the most timely film of the year, Butterfly vision Also perhaps it exists irresistibly as a very specific time and place marker that many people might actually choose to see. Presented in an uncertified regard sidebar, this poignant and disturbing document about Ukraine seems to mix truth-style dramatic scenes with television and other visual elements that have never been less than bad. It is not clear how and by whom it may be shown in areas where visitors will appreciate it the most; Depression rarely begins to describe it.

Young local filmmaker Maxim Nakonechni was keen on collecting footage that clearly and disturbingly traumatizes recent traumatic events; Destroying the image and void as well as life continues its own fashion.

The central figure is Lilia (Rita Burkowska), a young aerial reconnaissance officer who spent several months in prison in Donbass. Surprisingly, he has scars on his upper back. She is also pregnant, which serves as a clear sign of Liliar’s – and Ukraine’s determination to continue the struggle and hope for a new future.

Lilia is a serious, serious, no-nonsense woman whom you respect from the beginning, someone who has the will and determination that the people of this region will need to survive leaving their own identity and homeland intact. This is another very difficult time for a region with a rough history, and the relevance of the film to what is going on there now is obviously the main reason for its existence.

One must be honest: it is a difficult seat, a true parade of misfortunes, tragic history, bad deeds, unnecessary suffering and death. The packed house at the Cannes premiere sat in utter silence because there was a pile of misfortune upon the unfortunate, and the video footage showed atrocities that people in previous history had never seen before.

The director has used all kinds of footage – archival and newly created – with a clear symbol of Lilia’s baby to represent a potentially different future for the region. At the same time, Lilia still has to work hard to create any kind of hope so that a better life can lie on the road. He provides the through-line that defines the determination needed to make a difference in the long run.

There is no subtlety or ambiguity in this image, but it does offer images that have not been seen before and will undoubtedly be effective in inspiring audiences in all relevant regions for further action and hope.

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