Cannes Film Festival – Deadline

A tailor is wrestling with her sex Blue Kaftan, Miriam Tozani in the Moroccan Moroccan play An Sarten Regard. Also a subtle portrait of a wedding, it gradually reveals the problems of its characters in a sympathetic, admirable way: these two people who try to be extremely principled and thoughtful, even if one of them is not always successful.

Halim (Saleh Bakri) is a man of few words, and when he does, they speak softly. He is very careful with his work, and patiently explains how time consuming it is to make a quality caftan by hand for the needs of the customers. His wife Mina (Lubna Ajabal) occasionally works with him and also shows diplomacy with their clients. Once they close the store, she imitates them and makes her husband laugh: Humorous humor in their relationship is one of the most charming elements of this movie. It’s also there when he watches his first football match with him at a cafe-bar, jumping to his feet and saying “Goal!” Shouts, even the other team who scored the goal.

The pair burst out laughing at this in the evening, and it’s a rare sight to see a movie couple tied up so reliably for a joke. “It’s just a ball,” he shrugs as he reveals his mystery about the attraction of the game.

From the illness to the potential betrayal, when the couple’s marriage challenges are revealed, it is a matter of some emotional tension. An interesting young tailor, Yousef (Ayub Mesui) may have connections to both stories of their hiring.

Tuzani views their plight with sensitivity and compassion, although the character of Minar is probably remarkably pious in the situation. When they are asked to check their identity cards in Medina, they get a brief idea of ​​the political climate. But it remains mainly a tragic story of an intimate man who has worked against the adversity of his marriage and who may face a new chapter.

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