Cannes Film Festival – Deadline

If you are the parent of a child who is thinking of becoming an actor, nothing could be more terrifying than watching Forever young (Almond tree)

Valeria Bruni Tedeschi’s extreme truth-style approach to young members of Patrice Cherui’s legendary company theater in the 1980s is a Let’s-Put-on-Shore scene of an extreme discipline that infuses boundless narcissism, boundless self-indulgence. Drug abuse and self-destructive behavior that made the sex pistol jealous.

Entering this ear competition is a deep dive into an all-encompassing lifestyle that encourages, rather, an emphasis on deviance and irresponsibility and hell with something else. Those who have been in the performing arts for the past four decades may be interested in trying it out, but it’s still a tough seat.

The process begins with a very intense audition scene where the optimists are vaguely asked, “Why do you want to act?” Quickly, the answer becomes clear, even if not directly – because they want attention, need approval and have emotional needs that only people think they care about. And above all, of course, they just want to love.

As part of the process, actors need to learn how to draw people to them and see them, for which they often have to resort to various extremes of behavior. Anything goes, unless it attracts the desired attention and, down the line, makes people willing and interested to pay for the privilege of viewing with charisma and the ability to transform every day into an exception.

The competition is intense, of course, and the film captures the heartbreaking and exhilarating bits felt by those competing for positions with the company. This, too, to be honest, is somewhat confusing, because the director cuts so fast and close to the bone that something like the consistency of the normal description is omitted; You get a glimpse of what’s happening most of the time, but you can forget the beauty of any conventional storytelling; It’s a film that isn’t very interested in developing characters and stories because they usually work.

In all events, 40 contestants were eventually dropped to the bottom of the selected dozen, and in short order the team hit around Lower Manhattan in the vicinity of the public theater. If anything, the characters ’self-absorption has increased here, and the most self-centered person among them doesn’t waste time finding his favorite drugs and causing them to become a steaming mess.

The play chosen for their performance is a lesser known work by Chekhov, Platonov, But of secondary importance to the omnivorous self-absorption of the characters, which all become tedious when they suddenly return to Paris. AIDS sadly enters the picture at the moment, but the overriding element you have removed from the picture is the truly irresistible level of narcissism in these people that there is little reason to believe. This element alone makes the film a major turn-off.

Although it has been completely cut to the bone, the film still surpasses its welcome, as much can be taken from the characters’ self-dramatic self-esteem. Show people, as they were told, it’s usually fun to be around, at least for a while, but these narcissists are just a stretch.

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