Cannes Film Festival has a record number of female directors

Cannes Film Festival has a record number of female directors. In 2022, the Cannes Film Festival set a record for the number of female directors participating in a film review competition.

After a series of scandals and heated public debates that major European film festivals under-represent female directors in favor of the same male directors, the festival has increased the number of female participants.
Despite these changes, it is too early to rejoice in the global changes in the process of selecting festival participants. Variety notes that “the current record is only five female directors out of 21 participants in the main program of the festival, which is less than a quarter.

Recall that in 2022, Iris Knobloch, former head of the French division of the film company Warner Bros., was elected the new president of the festival. Knobloch is the first woman to hold this position, which she will hold until 2025.

Hansen-Love, who competed in “Bergman Island” in Cannes last year and the directors are back in Fort Knight, has mixed feelings about the festival.

“It’s clear competition with female directors isn’t great for their track record,” she says. “We want to see more of them in 2022. Sometimes, from the outside, the idea is that the competition is for male directors, and uncertain honors for women.”

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