Cannes Press Conference – Deadline

Park Chan-Uk’s time Handmaiden A handmaiden’s story deals with a lot of sexuality and slander that enters into the good favor of her Japanese heir, only to deceive her, the Korean filmmaker in her latest The decision to leave, A detective dots on He-Jun (Park Hei-il), who falls on the heel with Seo-Rai (Tang Wei), a very probable murder suspect.

Yes, it is possible that she threw her husband off the hill. And the purpose of the love between the two pictures, Chan-Uk was called on the carpet through the global news at the Cannes Film Festival today, “What is love for you?”

The refreshing question came in the wake of an immediate press conference Crime of the future Where David Cronenberg has condemned US conservative tendencies.

“My life is not part of my job,” the director replied. “Some directors talk about their own lives. I don’t make movies that way.

“Love is a relationship between two people, and how people show through love,” the director talks about the connection between his characters. “The human species, the specific nature of man, comes true when there is love,” he added.

Continue to talk about the theme of love The decision to leave, Seo-kyeong Jeong, co-author of the film, explained, “The detective loves his job. When he is investigating the crime scene, it seems that he is reading a love letter while he is at the crime scene. She sees Seo-rae, and it’s a kind of love. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

Explaining the relationship between the police and the suspects, Chan-Ok explained, “Sometimes the suspects ask questions … the way they exchange faces, eat together and clean the table. She gave him a toothbrush. It is a part of all character; The police are very kind. Sometimes he spies on the suspect. He spies on her because he’s a cop. “

“It’s a kind of harassment,” the filmmaker said. “Instead of spying, he feels very safe.”

The decision to leave Before the ears, in North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Turkey and India, Moby called you deadlines.

The movie premiered yesterday.

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