CBS Cancel ‘Magnum PI’, ‘B Positive’ and ‘United States Of Al’ – Deadline

CBS likes to renew its most powerful series early; Last year The FBI Suffrage and The Equalizer Taken in March. Beginning in May this year, and none of the Universal Television-produced CBS drama series The FBI Drama and The Equalizer, As well as tough Friday performers Magnum PI., Renewed, it was clear that both sides were going through difficult negotiations.

In the end, CBS certainly gave the stuff FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, FBI: International And The Equalizer Two-year renewals less than two weeks before the network’s upfront. A few days later, Magnum PI Canceled.

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CBS President and CEO George Chicks told Deadline before the Paramount Upfront presentation, “There are always some shows with which closing deals is even more challenging.” “But we did everything we needed to do and it never got into controversy or got off the ground.”

Kelly Cahill, president of CBS Entertainment, admits that there are always tough calls, admitting that hit show providers The FBIs and The Equalizer There is leverage but the controversy has diminished.

“Those who have leverage try to use it and if you have a good partner you work together to find a win-win situation for everyone,” he said.

Deadline report Magnum PICanceling the fact that it was a business, not a creative decision, is pushing down networks willing to spend overall low-liner ratings on the show since both parties failed to agree on a license fee. The problem is most pronounced when a series comes from an outside studio as is Magnum PIAnd I heard that the call was influenced by CBS’s wound-up discussion with Uni TV on four other plays.

TVline has asked Kahl to comment on our report on the cancellation of the business decision regarding the license fee. “You have to make some difficult decisions and you have a lot of reasons – and I’m not going to rule [the licensing fee] Out as one of them. It was a great team to work with, and one of the toughest decisions we’ve ever made, “he told the outlet.

When Kahl told CBS’s top comedy producer, Chuck Lore, that two of his four series were on the network, he was literally called tough, B positive And United States Al, Canceling.

“I’m not going to pretend and tell you that she was happy. He was disappointed with the news but he is the only talented comedy producer I have ever worked with, “Kahl told Deadline.

He added that the network is already in discussions with Lore about possible new projects.

Peter White contributed to this report.

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