CBS draws end to ‘FBI’ season after tragic school shooting in Texas – Deadline

Its season finale The FBI The tragic school shooting in Texas has been pulled by CBS.

The episode, titled “Prodigal Son”, has been hit by news that it involved a school shooting prevention team.

Texas school shooting sparks online outrage, calls for action by Hollywood and media figures

Written by Shorer Rick Eid and a formal overview of the end of the fourth-season directed by Alex Chappell: The team investigates a deadly robbery that collected automatic weapons caches for the killers, they discover a classmate of Purpose’s Jubal’s son, who refuses to cooperate in the case.

Instead, CBS will re-broadcast the 12th episode of the season, which originally aired in February. So far, the network is just pulling the strings The FBIRather FBI: Most Wanted or FBI: International, Which also has their season finale tonight.

Texas shooting: Broadcast network moves to news coverage after 14 children and teachers killed

Governor Greg Abbott said a teenage gunman killed 14 children and a teacher at an elementary school in Uvalade, west of San Antonio, today.

The FBI Follows a unit of New York-based special agents who carry all their talents, intelligence and technical skills to keep New York and the country safe. The fast-paced play stars Missy Peregrim, Zico Zaki, Jeremy Sisto, Alana de la Garza, John Boyd and Catherine Renee Turner. Peregrim, who is at the top of the series as special agent Maggie Bell, took a temporary leave of absence in April after announcing her pregnancy.

The FBI Comes from Wolf Entertainment and Universal Television, with CBS Studios. Wolf, Eid, Chapel, Arthur W. Forney and Peter Jankowski are executive producers.

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