Channel 5 to revive cult hit ‘Challenge Aneka’ after 30 years – Overview –

Channel 5 in Paramount to revive BBC cult hit ‘Challenge Aneka’ after 30 years

Paramount-owned Channel 5 is reviving the BBC format Challenge Aneka About 30 years later. Led by presenter Aneka Rice, Rice is left in a secret place to meet with people at the center of a challenge on the show, which she then has to help solve with a team of volunteers and regular Dave the Soundman. The show was a cult hit for BBC One, which ran from 1989 to 1995 and was revived in 2006 by ITV for a special show. Channel 5 has recently rebooted several old UK shows, including BBC dramas. All animals are great and small And quiz format Eggs. “Never before has there been a better time to bring such a favorite series back to our screens,” says Guy Davis, VP of Commissioning Editor Non-Scripted UK Originals Channel 5 / Paramount +. ITV Studios is producing the label Tufour.

Viaplay protects English football rights

The Scandinavian streamer ViaPlay has made it one of the biggest sporting events to date, securing the rights to the UK’s Sky Bet Championship and Carabao Cup in 10 countries. SVoD is finally snatching the rights to the sport across Europe and will now become the exclusive home of the two tournaments in all Nordic and Baltic countries. Sports rights is a key element of the recently-rebranded ViaPlay group approach. Behind the Premier League, the Championship is the second highest level in English football and the Carabao Cup is a knockout competition in the top four leagues, recently won by Liverpool. Viaplay says the championship is the fourth-most watched football league in Europe.

Related to BBC Studios TalentWorks Meter

BBC Studios TalentWorks has entered into an agreement with Meta to fund four creative residences for emerging artists in the UK. Black beauty content creator Shahira Allen, bizarre sex worker and content creator Bia Ducks, disabled Irish presenter Paddy Smith and British-born Chinese food and travel creator Xu Shi Lin have been invited to the BBC studio for advice and assistance. Developing projects. Meta is financing residencies and is being forged with Meta Facebook Creator Collective and Instagram Divers Voice. Earlier this month, TalentWorks formed a similar initiative to help four black creators secure an original commission.

‘Last Woman on Earth’ recommended by BBC2

The second season of BBC Two has gone greenlight The last woman in the world with Sara Pascoe. In the second race, the British comedian will travel to Greece, Denmark and Jordan to do some unique work set for extinction, such as digging ice in Finland, climbing trees to pick coconuts to make sweets in Cuba, and becoming Stalin. Georgia Museum Guide for the first season. Fremantle label creating talkback.

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