Channing Tatum claimed that customers would be evicted from a London restaurant

Channing Tatum Demands to drive customers out of a London restaurant. Actor Channing Tatum claims to have kicked guests out of a London restaurant when he thought they were taking pictures of him. The Sun reported.

Channing Tatum dined at Louis Restaurant, located in Covent Garden, central London. During the meal, he mistakenly thought that a group of people at the side table were taking pictures of him and gave him a middle finger to dinner.
“A group of six people enjoyed the meal and took pictures of each other,” the source said. Channing thought they were taking a picture of him and angrily gave them their middle finger. The next moment the waiter told them to leave. “

In London, the American actor is on the set of the third part of the movie “Magic Mike”. Shortly before the restaurant scandal, Tatum had an argument with a colleague on the set of the movie The Adventures of Paddington, actress Thandi Newton. Due to this, the film team had to change the heroine to Salma Hayek and re-shoot the shooting price.

Although little is known about the third film in the series, which comes ten years after the first film premiered in 2012, Tatum told the New York Times that it was inspired by the 90s room-less “Pretty Woman”. .

We are swinging for the fence – there will never be a stripper film again, “he told the outlet in March 2020.
We’re trying to tell the story of the fish out of the water where it’s a reverse role ‘Pretty Woman’ story that ends with lots of dancing in it.

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