Charlize Theron shared her first picture as Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse

Hollywood star six days after the premiere of Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness Charlie’s theory Has shared his MCU debut with fans. He posted the first picture of Clear Official on social media; Introducing the movie from a new character Marvel Studios . Rumors have been circulating over the past few weeks about casting him as a potential superhero love interest as information about many of the premiere’s surprises began to leak online. However, the Oscar-winning actress admitted for the first time in Charlize’s post that she portrayed the character.

The star appeared in full costume while walking down the street in the Stephen Strange movie. He tells Cumberbatch’s character that his constant wanderings in the universe have caused rifts between them, and as far as can be heard, things are not going well between them. After tearing the fabric of reality and opening a portal to Dark Dimension, Clear’s home, he asks Strange to join him in repairing the damage, and he agrees. In Marvel Comics, he is primarily a fellow traveler with a lineage that goes straight back to Dormamur, the lord of the Dark Dimensions, who encountered Strange at the climax of the 2016 film. In this painting, Dormammu is portrayed as a half-dead giant floating head, voiced by Benedict himself. At the same time, Klia appeared in more attractive platinum blonde camouflage with bright purple eyeshadow. In the end, Klee and Strange get married,

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Nevertheless, a post-credit scene suggests that he and Cumberbatch will be the protagonists of the next Doctor Strange installment. . Also, very soon, the star will star in the Netflix movie “School for Good and Evil” directed by Paul Fig.

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