Chris Stockman’s Kickstarter Horror ‘Shelby Oaks’ Begins, Cast Set – Deadline

Exclusive: Kickstarter-supported horror film Shelby Oaks Chris Stockman started production on YouTuber and found the original cast.

Camille Sullivan (Hunter Hunter(Entering the lead role, and supported by Brendon Sexton III)Do not breathe2), Michael Beach (If Bill Street could speak(Robin Bartlett)Jhilmil Island) And Keith David (Things(Charlie Talbert)Big and small), Emily Bennett (Alone with you) And newcomer Sarah Darn (Where Crawdads sing) Round out cast.

The film centers on Meyer (Sullivan) ‘s frantic search for his sister Riley, after Riley disappears in the final tapes of a group of paranormal investigators called (Darn) Paranormal Paranoids. As Mia’s obsession grows, she begins to suspect that Riley’s childhood fictional monster may be real. The project has been and continues to be inspired by a long-lead online marketing campaign around this topic.

Stockman, a YouTube critic and filmmaker, is a writer-director. Paper Street Pictures is produced by Aaron B. Kuntz. Sales is being managed by James Norie of Amp International.

The team launched their Kickstarter funding campaign on March 1 and went on to break the record as the most funded horror film in the platform’s history, reaching over $ 1.39M and generating interest from studios.

Ashleigh Snead and Cameron Burns are also co-producing with Shawn Talley, Alex Euting and Farrell Rose, all for Paper Street. Adam F. Goldberg, Paul Holbrook, Shawn E. Demat and Tony Kiloh are executive-producers. David Guglielmo is casting. The film is currently shooting in and around Cleveland, Ohio until early June.

Stuckmann, who has been repped by Gotham Group, will also be producing, which will mark his feature directorial debut.

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