Chrissy Teigen in a lace silk top and short shorts

Chrissy Tigen Between a lace silk top and short shorts. In stunning new photos, Chrissy Tegan showed off her long legs wearing a silk lace top and very short high-waisted shorts. Chrissy Teigen can draw any look and it will always be successful and appropriate, as she showed in her latest Instagram Pictured is a 36-year-old man wearing a black dress from head to toe with a deep lace silk top and high-rise shorts.

Chrissy posted two pictures of herself with the caption: “Long coats and trousers will not be lost.” For the occasion, Chrissy wore a plunging V-neck lace silk tank top that was tucked into skinny, high-waisted, ultra-shorts. Underneath the shorts, Chrissy wore a pair of sheer polka dot stockings and completed her look with a long black pea coat and black satin platform pumps with pearl ankle straps.

For her glamorous look, Chrissy’s light brown highlighted hair was done by Erinel de Leon, who styled Chrissy’s hair into a messy updo, leaving a few wavy strands beside her. Her makeup by Christine Steaden has dark black scented smoky eyes with thick eyeliner and shiny nude lipstick.

Chrissy has been wearing a lot of sexy outfits lately, and apart from that outfit, she was at the Ellen Show when she wore a fitted lavender retrofit minced dress with a bedding styled with purple Paris Texas PVC sandals and leather sandals and a short hem.

One of our favorite flashes is her custom Juliet Kaiser pink ballet dress, chunky tutu, adorned with Giuseppe Janotti pink leather platform sandals. One look that Chrissy undoubtedly likes is short shorts, and recently, she wore high-waisted denim shorts with feather trim that was too short for her legs.

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