Christopher Gorham and Becky Newton revive ‘Ugly Betty’ characters in ‘The Lincoln’

Chris Gorham and Becky Newton have revived them Ugly Betty Henry Grubstick and Amanda Tanen characters, respectively, for a few silly skits while working on their new series, Netflix set Lincoln Lawyer.

Ugly Betty

Gorham as Henry and Newton as Amanda

In an exclusive Deadline video (above), Amanda sees a man who looks like Henry, Betty Suarez’s (America Ferreira) boyfriend. Shocked, she calls her bestie Mark (Michael Yuri) for a meal about this mysterious man.

“Mark, it’s me. I have something important to tell you,” he tells the man in the line. I just saw him and I’m going to send you pictures all day. All right, stay tuned. “

Gorham laughs at the thought of making a video with Newton, whom he says is one of the coasters he’s seen regularly since his time. Ugly Betty Lastly though the pair had only a few days on hand where their schedules were at the same time Lincoln Lawyer, They were definitely past their minds.

“I can’t remember the last time I saw Becky Lincoln Lawyer, But we’ve always seen each other every two years, “Gorham tells Deadline.” I remember feeling really nervous when we were discussing the Netflix series because I thought Becky and I had worked together before. I was worried because they wouldn’t give me the part [my character] Trevor Elliott differs from Henry Grubstick. He was the first person I told after it was all over and it was really great to work with him again. She is a complete lover. “

Chris Gorham

Christopher Gorham as Trevor Elliott in “The Lincoln Lawyer”

Newton was not the only person on the Netflix series cast that Gorham had worked before. In 1997, he appeared in four episodes Team of five Along with Nave Campbell, who played Maggie McPherson Lincoln Lawyer.

“When I did Team of five, Nev and I shared some scenes but we didn’t really communicate so we didn’t spend much time together then. I’ve worked mostly with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Scott Wolf, “he shared. “At this point, we get to know each other better. She was very beautiful and really sweet. ”

Graham’s role Lincoln Lawyer He was the opposite of most of the characters he had brought to life throughout his career. Trevor, a tech brother accused of killing his wife and her boyfriend, ends up with a new attorney, Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia Rulfo), after killing his first lawyer.

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t finished watching the series, the following is the main plot point of completion.

“When I first got the script, I didn’t know he did it,” Gorham revealed. “After doing enough television, we work really hard in the first and second scenes to make him feel innocent and faithful. So I was pretty sure he did it, but I didn’t know exactly from the bat. In fact, after I cast it, it was one of the first questions [executive producer] Ted [Humprey] Ask me a question. I told him he probably killed his wife, but it’s really important to plan so that the audience doesn’t know. The way I did it was to decide that despite the violence and all the other things, Trevor loves his wife. And Mickey was right about her being addicted to success, money, and attention as a result of Lara’s success. It’s kind of sad because drugs have won and it’s not really a happy ending for anyone. “

He added, “The scene at the cocktail party where Trevor finally took off his mask and Mickey had such an ass. It’s really fun to be a bad person. “

Lincoln Lawyer Available for full streaming via Netflix.

Gorham’s second Ugly Betty The skit with Becky Newton can be found below.

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