Cineflix Rights Scripted Sales Spray – Global Briefs – Deadline

Cineflix Rights runs on scripted sales spray

The UK-based Cineflix Rights Scripted Library series has unveiled a batch of sales. MX Player in India and Filmin (Spain) Israeli Police Corruption Thriller One and Two Seasons Manayek, Which was originally for Yoav Gross Productions for the Can 11 Network, Israel). MX Player is also bought by Syfy and Sci-Fi Channel Canada Supernatural drama Wynonna Earp. Buyers of Israel’s Hot Dark Comedy Crime Capers Happy couple And Icelandic political drama Minister. Elsewhere, Talpa Network (Netherlands), Sky Italia and Rye (Italy) win last season of CBC drama CoronerWhen Acorn bought TV (India), Sky Italia and Britbox (Africa) Whitestable Pearl. Of Ireland TG4 acquired by French Crime drama RebeccaWhen in Scotland STV claims UK and Ireland rights for Australian Suburban Psychological Thriller Secret and false.

‘SAS: Who has the courage to win’ on Finnish streamer

A Finnish version of the British Special Forces recruit format SAS: Who dares to win There is work. Commercial Finland will create a remake for Rutu, the broadcaster Nellonen’s SVoD service. AIring this year, it will show a lineup of celebrities who will be put through a series of physical and emotional tests. The famous role in Ant Middleton’s Channel 4’s UK Original will be handed over to Ruth’s remake by Navy veteran Jan Lehtonen. Six versions of the show have already been produced in regions such as Australia and Denmark following an agreement with distributor Banijoy Rights.

Serious kids for selling Tom Angarar-inspired Irish animated kids comedy ‘Flix’

London’s Sirius Kids has taken over the distribution rights worldwide Flix. It marks the first animated adaptation of the property, created by the late German children’s painter Tommy Unger. The distributor has signed an agreement with Irish Indie Picture Productions for comedy animation, which targets children aged 4-7 and for public broadcaster RTE. It is set to transit in the spring of 2023 and is now in full production in support of it Broadcasting Authority of Creative Europe, Screen Ireland and Ireland.

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