Creator Candace Bushnell is dating 63-year-old Sex and the City 21-year-old man

Creator Candace Bushnell is 63 years old Sex and the City Dating a 21 year old male model. The author of the favorite story about the four girlfriends is clearly devoid of prejudice. Candace Bushnell, who gave us Sex and the City, met her soul mate at the Fashion Week show this spring and since then, according to a social source, “she’s taken him everywhere with her.” And although the name of the fashionable lucky man is not yet known to the press, fans have already admired his outstanding looks – dark eyes, ponytail styled hair and amazing cheekbones. Looking at the handsome 21-year-old man, one can understand why the 63-year-old writer could not stop meeting him.

However, if you believe the revelations of the star’s close friend, the young man is far from the only fan of his life. A 91-year-old boyfriend also follows her, and she can definitely compete for the championship with her rival. As we all remember, Carrie Bradshaw, the protagonist of “Sex and the City”, is famous for her passionate nature and boasts extensive experience in animated novels. So Candace was probably describing herself a lot.

From 2002 to 2012, Bushnell married director Charles Askgard, who was ten years his junior. He has been dating Spin Magazine publisher and Penthouse heir Bob Gussion Jr., Senator Al D’Amato, co-founder of Talk Magazine, Mr. Bigg’s so-called prototype Ron Galloway, model Michael Bergin and British venture capitalist Stephen Morris. He revealed in the Bradshaw Boys podcast that he once went on a date with John Corbett, who played Aidan in the HBO series but did not follow the relationship because he was dating Bo Derek, with whom he later tied the knot.

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