‘Crimes of the future’ David Cronenberg condemns right-wing US politics: Can –

In David Cronenberg’s latest genre of twister, Future crime, Viggo Mortensen and Lea Seydoux play partners who are immersed in performing for the performance artist, Surgery (much the former) public nightclub scene. They are fascinated by the freedom they can take in each other’s bodies. In a ruling society all this that it does not like very much.

The NEON release opens on June 3rd at a time when Rowe v. Wade is in danger at SCOTUS.

Cronenberg admitted at the Cannes Film Festival press conference that although the movie is not explicit, “who owns whose body.”

“I wrote it 20 years ago and you can feel it coming,” the filmmaker said of how the rights issues against the ruling government have not been resolved. “This oppressive ownership and control; It’s a constant in history: there are some kind of government that wants to control its population. “

“That means the body is the reality,” he added.

And that control then leads the government to dominate “talking, your brain.”

“We in Canada think everyone in the United States is completely insane,” Cronenberg said of the politics leaning to the right, south of the border with his Canadian homeland.

“The movie is not political at all. All industries are political or congenitally political. It is an expression of culture, context and intelligence whether the creator is aware of it. “

Deadline Todd McCarthy yelled at the filmmaker’s sixth title film in Cannes, “Kronenberg didn’t do a comedy. Crime of the future. But a gross and even unpreparedly horrific display of oppressive experimentation and physical corruption that could have been treated with an unexpectedly light and even humorous hand, a feeling that is underlined by the characters’ disinterested and explicit confession that they don’t. I fully understand what they are doing in their adventurous quest to match humans and mechanics. “The Rotten Tomatoes of 21 review calculates a 90% fresh score.

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