‘Crimes of the Future’ Knobs Six-Minute Standing Ovation: Ear – Deadline

There are so many weird fetishes in this world that we can’t go to, but for David Cronenberg Future crime, The new sex is surgery.

The Dystopian Future, the hipster film starring Vigo Mortensen and Leah Sidoux, is obsessed with acting as a couple, and the former has a six-minute standing ovation at the festival premiere after rolling credits in his Cannes film as his limbs tattooed in the audience of the club. Kristen Stewart in the role of a worker in an organ company (yes) who is shocked and crushes Vigo’s Saul Tensor; She is eager to be the new woman in her life by taking charge of Sedx’s Capris.

Like the croisette swirled gelato, Cronenberg is a favorite of the ears here, Crime of the future Ripping for the 6th time at the festival; His last movie eight years ago, Map of the stars. Here are all his pictures of the game, only infamous Crush In 1996, another subculture about those who were rescued from a car accident went away with a festival prize, the Jury Special Prize. The critically acclaimed movie stars James Spader and Holly Hunter.

Deadline was sitting in the air rafter seat with the other trade journos and only one person in our department chose to leave during the brutal body part movie – and never come back.


David Cronenberg breaks silence over ‘future crime’

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