Cynthia Arevo, Alia Shawkat for ‘Call Me By Your Name’ in ‘Drift’ – Deadline

Exclusive: Oscar nominee Cynthia Arevo (Harriet) will star alongside Being Ricardos And Development of arrests Starring Alia Shawkat in Anthony Chen’s film (Ilo Ilo) Debut in English Flow.

The film is reunited Call your name Producers Emily Georges and Peter Spears and executive producer Naima Abed. Spears won the Best Picture Oscar for Chloe Zhao last year Nomadic land.

Flow Jacqueline (Arevo) follows a young Liberian refugee who has just fled her war-torn country to a Greek island. He offers tourists a massage for one or two euros to quench his hunger, while memories of his daily struggles for survival haunt him. He meets an unmarried tour guide (Shawkat) and they become close as they find hope in each other. Ibrahima or, whose ears have a supporting role in the title 2022 Father and soldierAlso in the cast.

Filming for the under-the-radar play is currently underway in Greece. Suzanne Farrell (Dirty God) And Alexander Maxix adapted the screenplay from Maxix’s popular novel Flow measurement is a marker.

Flow The third collaboration between Chen and Georges, who sold his first two pictures, was the winner of the Camera D’Or. Ilo Ilo And Wet season. French firm Memento is conducting sales but it is not a priority sale project.

Georges and Abed, the co-founder and co-CEO of Memento’s newly re-launched production label Paradise City, are working with Spears of Cor Cordium. Cynthia Arevo and Salome Williams are producing alongside Anthony Chen’s Giraffe Pictures under their Edith’s Daughter banner. Konstantinos Kontovrakis and Giorgos Karnavas are working as co-producers of the Heritage.

Arevo stars in the upcoming Netflix movie 8 Luther Idris Elba in contrast. He will later begin filming the two-film adaptation of John M. Chu’s hit Broadway musical. Wicked, Starring Alphabet opposite Ariana Grande. Arevo was nominated for two Oscars HarrietShe was nominated for Best Actress and Best Original Song, and was recently nominated for an Emmy for her performance Genius: Aretha. Also a singer and stage actress, she has won Tony, Grammy and Amy for her performances in the Arevo musical. Purple.

Shawkat will now be seen in a critically acclaimed feature film from Amazon Studios. Being Ricardos From Aaron Sarkin. He starred opposite Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem I love Lucy Author Madelyn Pugh. On TV, he will be seen in the next FX series, The old man, Opposite Jeff Bridge. He is well known for HBO Investigative team And Development of arrests.

The festival-favorite chain has recently been wrapped up Breaking Ice Starring Dongyu Zhou. He also has to manage The Secret Daughter With Priyanka Chopra and Sienna Miller for Amazon.

Flow A compelling and profound story about the power of the human soul at its worst. It has been an emotional experience to make this film over the last few years, especially in the challenging days of the epidemic, “says director Chen.

Arevo commented: “From the moment I read Flow, I was inspired by the rare duality of Jacqueline, who represents the depth of the painful and hopeful immigrant experience, and especially the experience of black immigrants abroad. Sadly this topic becomes more relevant and timely with each passing day. Often the experiences of immigrants are told through titles, which do not bind the individual’s humanity. I hope this project shows their struggle with the empathy and attention they deserve. “

Georges says: “From my long standing collaboration with Anthony Ilo Ilo And Wet seasonI learned that she has a unique talent for exploring intimacy with love and that her accessible style gives viewers access to the character’s humanity, decency and warmth. “

Abed added: “The subtlety, the subtlety and the compassion needed to represent the immigrant experience. We can’t be proud to have this incredible team to bring this story to life. “

Spears explains: “At this time of the Great Depression, Flow It reminds us of ordinary humanity; Each of us has stories of hope, resilience, and for many, unimaginable hardships. I can’t be proud to tell this powerful story to our incredible team of filmmakers from around the world. “

The film is a co-production between Paradise City Films (France), Heretic (Greece) and Fortininexity (UK), in collaboration with Cordium, Edith’s Daughter and Giraffe Pictures, and co-produced by Sunak Culture and IM Media, Lauren Bromley. Ages LLC, UK Global Screen Fund – Funded by the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and operated by BFI and the Greek Film Center, with additional support from the Creative Europe Media European program.

Arrivo is represented by UTA, Authentic Talent and Literary Management and The Lead Company. Anthony Chen is represented by UTA and Casarotto Ramsay & Associates. Shawkat is presented by UTA and MGMT Entertainment.

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