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Eater Warning: The story includes details about the May 17 episode This we, “train.” It was played Monday night at the Landmark Theater as part of Deadline’s award-winning screening series, followed by a question-and-answer session with series producer and executive producer Dan Fogelman. You can watch a two-part video of it, where “The Train” (above) is dissected and the end of next week’s series (below the story) is teased.

Flash-forward view This is us Fans of the show have been waiting year after year – and fearfully – tonight at The Pearsons and their family gathered at Kevin’s house to bid Rebecca a final farewell on her deathbed.

This is the train

Mandy Moore and Chris Sullivan on Tuesday’s episode “The Train”
Ron Batzdorf / NBC

Notable others in the Big Three – past and present – looked around Rebecca’s bedside and cried a lot to tell her how much she meant to them. Randall and Kevin last went when Kate ran from London to join them. The trio arrived there in the morning just in time to say their final “I love you” to Rebecca.

Rebecca running parallel to the last hour, a smaller version of her found herself on a train, a nice throwback to the “Cabus” episode earlier this season and a flashback to her boarding the train with her father decades ago. He was guided by the car by William and spent time with the train bartender, who was none other than the doctor who was literally making lemonade from lemons.

There was a wonderful third parallel story line involving a new family with two sons and a daughter that we didn’t see. Father Kenny, who played Dule Hill, lost control of the family car, and one son, Marcus, was taken to hospital in critical condition. For a moment it seemed that adult Marcus might be Dezer’s future boyfriend. It turned out that he was still with the owner, who revealed himself as the father of his child, when the car accident and the Pearsons fire happened on the same day, Marcus and Jack were treated by the same doctor, Dr. Spencer, who played the character. The same actor, Bill Irwin, who played the guest This is us‘Super Bowl episode.

Kenny bumps into Jack at the hospital where Jack shares his knowledge of making lemonade from Dr. K’s lemon knowledge, which Kenny made his own family motto. Marcus, who was miraculously resurrected by Dr. Spencer just as Jack was dying under a few doors, became a top researcher who was honored for his contribution to the search for a cure for Alzheimer’s, who gave him the award. The is Use Director / EP Ken Olin, who directed “The Train”.

Young Rebecca and William walked through the train, with some memorable ones This is us Moments of playing around him, including scenes of Jack and young Randall’s karate class, the two arrive at Kabus.

“It’s pretty sad, isn’t it?” He asked. “Oh, not the way I see it, if something hurts you when it’s over, it must have been great when it happened,” William said. “You’ll see that the end isn’t tragic, Rebecca, it’s the beginning of the next incredibly wonderful thing.”

When his smaller version enters the cabs set up as a bedroom, in real life Randall whispers in Rebecca’s ear, “You tell him ‘hey’.” Rebecca clasped his hands as if she had heard him, and after a while, young Rebecca lay down on the train bed, turned to look at young Jack and said, “Hey.”

In the first part of his video interview (you can see it above), Fogelman talks about filming the final scene that needed to be re-shot, as well as the whole emotional episode. He explains why the train was chosen as the backdrop to tell the story of Rebecca’s death, why he brought William and Doctor back, and why we got the “mustache jack” in that final scene.

Fogelman explains the story line with Kenny and Marcus, how he finally believed Above thirty He was an EP and director for six seasons to make a cameo on the alum Olin show and why Deja finally met the owner.

“It’s about the strange dichotomy of trauma and joy in our lives,” Fogelman said of the combination of Marcus and Jack’s story, an idea they’ve had on the show for years.

During the conversation, Fogelman also becomes personal, how the sudden loss of his mother, not being able to say goodbye properly, influences the writing of the scene where Beed Three last spoke to Rebecca.

In the second video (you can see it below), Fogelman talks about it Here we are. ‘ Next week marks the end of the upcoming series, “Us,” which he wrote.

He teases the story line for the final episode and explains how the new material blended with the footage he famously portrayed four years ago and is being used for a significant portion of the final episode.

Fagelman called the last two hours “very different episodes that talk to each other.”

“In the final episode, we’ll try to capture something simple that, while sad, is a day in life that is much more about the show than Rebecca’s funeral.”

The show deliberately solves all the big mysteries ahead of time “so that people can easily sit with family in the final episode,” Fogelman said. “Even though it will make you cry, it will make you sad, the ending ends up driving me in a way that is different. I think the cast and crew have captured something about the human condition and being a family member that I’m really proud of. “

He jokingly teased another death and shared a ending line, “I would have enjoyed it more when it happened, instead of worrying about when it would end.”

In addition, Fogelman responded to Seth Meyers on NBC This is us Reboot, That was themAnd says whether he will do a spinoff or any other follow-up.

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