‘Dancing with the stars’ Bruno Tonioli explains his decision to leave UK – Deadline

One of them Dance with the starsThe most influential judge, Bruno Tonioli, has announced his decision to release the UK version of the show after 18 years, saying juggling on both shows has become “unstable” since the former left Disney Plus.

Tonioli, who is on the British show Strictly Come Dancing It has not been seen in the last two seasons due to travel restrictions during the Covid epidemic, since it began 18 years ago.

He traveled extensively between the United Kingdom and the United States to attend both Strictly Come Dancing And Dance with the stars For 14 years, but when the epidemic was caught, it became impossible.

He said it was “impossible” to do so on both sides of the Atlantic because the rules had changed, passing through the airport was not what it used to be, it had created a situation that was sustainable.

Travel rules may have become lighter but now, as Tonioli explained this week, the departure of the Stars from Disney Plus has become equally challenging.

He said: “Dance with the stars Gone to Disney Plus, which is a big deal. I will stay there because of the travel situation.

“It’s going to be live streaming, which is a big deal. It’s very, very, very exciting. “

“And again because of the travel situation, I can’t really guarantee that I’ll be there, because anything can happen. Two years ago, I changed my tickets every week and needed their continuity. I support them and that is my decision. “

Tonioli’s permanent departure leaves Craig Ravel Harwood as the only key judge on the UK show.

Tonioli could not completely disappear from the show, saying: “I can tour. I’m not gone forever. Don’t count on me. I’ll always be part of the family. We made the show.”

StrictlyIts 20th series is expected to launch in the autumn, with former dance professional Anton du Beck confirming Tonioli’s replacement as permanent judge.

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