David Beckham fans believe she is Harper’s real mother: Argument on the Internet

David Beckham Fans believe she is Harper’s real mother. David Beckham is 47 this year, and he’s one of the most coveted men of our time. David Beckham has turned 47. Years go by – and a football player is still the cherished dream of millions of women around the world. That was a quarter of a century ago, now he drove the representatives of the opposite sex crazy with just a chubby smile. And as soon as the athlete puts up a picture with the charming girl Harper on the network, the hearts of the fans are finally broken. But increasing attention to women can be dangerous – since 2016, football players have been followed by an obsessive fan base.

Sharon Bell, 58, has been trying to communicate with her idol for many years: first, she sent a letter to David and then he tried to break into Beckhams’ home in London. Last winter, the court banned the woman from approaching David and family members more than 500 meters for five months.

The court deadline expired, and Sharon attended Harper’s school, posing as the mother of a student. According to the Daily Mail, the woman confirmed that she had a romantic relationship with David. And then he said that the football player and his wife Victoria stole his eggs, so Harper is his daughter.

There is not much evidence of celebrity family abuse. They actually leaked letters to Bexhams’ home address in London, as well as Oxfordshire. But if the court does not recognize Bell as insane, a new case will be opened. The woman herself, of course, denies her guilt.

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