David Bowie’s megawatt is selling for 5.17 million

You all Its megawatts are selling for 5.17 million. The yacht, owned by British singer David Bowie, is ready for sale. The New York Post reported.

According to the performer’s representative and his longtime friend Bill Giesblatt, Bowie owned the ship, built in 1977 in the 1980s. The yacht, which can accommodate up to 12 guests, was designed and built by Italian shipbuilder Bennetti. The interior is decorated with mahogany, paintings and art installations.

The yacht sailed the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean: the singer, suffering from aerophobia, preferred to sail. However, when the singer overcame his fear of flying, he sold the yacht. After Bowie, he was owned by two men who changed the name of the ship from Denb Star to El Karan.
The yacht was refitted in 2020. He was repainted and placed on the deck of a new teak. He recently rented $ 85,000 a week.

Following the singer’s death in 2016, his personal collection and 400 works of art from the singer’s home were put up for sale last summer for 16.5 million.
A megawatt owned by the late glam rock icon David Bowie is set to sell for $ 5.17 million (excluding Mars spiders).
The ship was dated 1977 – and was owned by Bowie’s representative and longtime friend Bill Zeissblatt in the 1980’s.

Baui, who died in 2016, was known for his fear of flying – he admitted in an interview that his fears led to several successful films, including “Space Odyssey”.
“It allows me to write about space instead of just going to it,” he said in a 60-minute interview in 2002.

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