David Harbor talks about the struggle with poverty, mental illness before strangers

Stranger Things It is currently one of the most popular shows in the world, with its fourth season running through May 27, and no one is more grateful for it than David Hopper, who played Jim Hopper in the show.

In a recent interview, David Harbor Jim talks about his struggle with poverty and mental illness before finding fame and success from Hopper’s role.

David Harbor has revealed that he suffered from bipolar disorder at the age of 26 after suffering a particularly strong episode. The actor mentioned that he struggled a lot due to this condition but he commented that he was lucky enough to have a family who helped him in difficult times.

However, despite the large number of supporters around him, Harbor still struggles. One of his primary struggles, as Harbor pointed out, was poverty. Harbor noted that in society, poverty and mental illness go hand in hand with feeding one another.

“When you can’t participate in society by buying lunch and go to a store or shop, it will drive you crazy. It’s chicken and eggs. They go hand in hand,” Harbor said. The actor had landed many roles in various projects but none of them brought him fame and success.

Harbor says that at 35 years old, he almost gave up his dream and was happy if he could make a living just by paying rent and food and basic necessities. When the actor got Jim Hopper’s part in Stranger Things at the age of about 40, there was not much to expect from him. He liked the script but doubted that people would share his appreciation for it.

However, once Stranger Things left the world, Harbor immediately began to receive applause and congratulations from all sides on the show. At the moment, the show has won multiple Emmy and several nominations for the Golden Globe. Harbor, 47, has starred in several major projects, including a role in Marvel’s Black Widow as the Red Guardian after the success of Stranger Things.

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