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During his long career as an agent, David Unger saw a future of representing actors from a growing international market. This led to the creation of Artist International Group in 2019.

Judges the success of everything from Shang-chi And LupinePer Parasites, Narcos, Squid game, Money Heist And Fauda-And the flood of talent is that those projects were introduced in Hollywood – the move must have been legitimate. Unger and other delegates who are leaning towards global talent management are finding high demand from their clients, thanks to the need for streamers, including the growth of stagnant internal subscriptions for domestic series and filmmaking.

“I’ve nurtured an international voice for 25 years, and they’ve never given much importance to this streaming economy,” said Unger, whose international sensitivities have grown in London and it’s time to watch the business from the pond. Her father produced Don’t look nowAnd his grandfather Charlie Chaplin owned the Film Library.

George Miller / Deadline

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Unger’s international track began when he signed Chinese actress Gong Li two decades ago. She has since chosen clients like Michelle Yeoh, who has just performed Everything Everywhere All at Everything And upcoming Avatar The sequel also features Donnie Yen, who starred opposite Keanu Reeves in the upcoming film. John Wick Next, The slum boy is a millionaireAnil Kapoor, 355Fan of Bingbing, Ludovic Bernard (Lupine) And PachinkoLee Min-ho, to name a few. After acquiring proprietary joint ventures already in the UK, France, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Korea, AIG sees opportunities for performers around the world.

“We believe that the rest of the world is going to be more important, and that talent in these countries will have an external dimension to what they represent in their internal markets,” Unger said. “It has happened, and it will only continue to grow.”

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