Deadline for purchase of Leonine Studio Berlin-based Hyperball Bowl Median

Germany’s Leonine Studios is acquiring Berlin-based Hyperbol Median.

Effective June 1, the Hyperbold Leonin Production Group will sit next to i & u TV, Madame Zheng Production, Odeon Fiction, SEO Entertainment, W&B Television and Wiedemann & Berg Film.

Hyperball uses a mix of politics and pop culture to focus on socially relevant entertainment that targets Generations Y and Z. Its productions include the ZDF series GermanyWhich won the Grammy Award and the Golden Camera Digital Award, and ZDFneo’s Political Entertainment category. 13 Question (ZDFneo). It also operates the German political journalism YouTube channel Die da Oben for SWR / Funk.

Bastian Asdunk, the previous owner of Hyperball, will continue as managing director. Next to him, Christian Meinberger, chief digital officer at Leonin Studios, will join the hyperbol management team. He manages creative exchanges to develop digital layouts for all producers at Leonine Studios and realizes coordination in the production area.

Leonin’s CEO Fred Kogel said: “The development and format of hyperball has fascinated us for some time. The company is characterized by a clear profile, a passion for zeitgeist and a successful mix of innovative and journalistic high-quality formats. The creative team of hyperball is an excellent fit for us. Together we will complement our existing IP with new formats and expand the cross-media reach of our content. In this way, we are expanding the potential of our digital manufacturing area in the long run. “

Hyperbole’s Asdonksaid: “We could not have wished for a better partner for further development than Leonin Studios. Their excellent production stands for quality on all platforms and the group’s overall set-up is an innovative and visionary model. We are extremely creative and look forward to working with a courageous management. “

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