‘Deutschland 83’ adds Jörg Winger’s ‘Ouija’ Starzplay as co-producer – Deadline

Exclusive: Deutschland 83 Co-producer Jorge Winger’s latest drama series Oiza Added Starzplay as co-producer and set the show cast, may reveal deadlines.

Co-produced by Thomas Bourguignon (Meeting), The French television series was one of the first development projects detailed by winger Fremantle-backed Big Window Productions, which sits within his former company UFA Fiction. Oiza Big Window and Kwai, co-produced by another Fremantle label.

Major photography has begun in and around Nice, led by Ophelia Kolb, Katharina Schutler, Stefan Konarsk and Bruno Solo.

L to R: Ophelia Kolb, Katharina Schutler, Stefan Konarske and Bruno Solo
Bruno Clement, Nils Schwartz

The story of the fast-paced supernatural arrival-of-the-age reminds the producers of their participation in the German-French exchange program.

Set against the backdrop of a generational story, Six-Partner focuses on such exchanges during the 1982 FIFA World Cup but tells the story of three generations of characters – one who fought in World War II, one who rebuilt Europe during the Cold War and one in the 1980s. Enjoying peace and prosperity. Together they embarked on a journey of discovery while investigating a tragedy that took place in this rural village in the summer of 1944.

Winger told Deadline that the exchange programs provided “an incredibly rich source for a great and epic European series”.

“The trials and tribulations of adolescence, the cultural clashes between two countries and three generations and the history that is coming back to haunt us all provide the backbone for the mysterious adventure. Oiza“This is a unique and exciting European partnership from Big Window and Quai,” he added.

Borgiganon says: “Oiza Fantasy version of our memory. Our generation that young people dreamed of survival. X generation. It’s the portrait of our parents and grandparents – German and French – when they were younger, in the 1940’s and 80’s. “

Other cast members include Thomas Sarbachar, Ruben Mailer, Alois Ray, Victor Lefebvre, Bruno Solo, Patrick Mill, Anne Le N, Matthias Van Khache, Catherine Mouchet, Rafael Agogue, Emilia Piske, Celia Lebrument, and Leila Reibert.

European opportunities

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes Deutschland 83 Starzplay’s second French-language co-production, reflecting the way US Streamers are collaborating with local European broadcasters to harness the best talent, followed by Mark Levy. We never said those things With canal +.

France Television owns the French rights, and Starzplay takes the first run, including second-run distributions in Germany and German-speaking Europe, as well as Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg, Spain, the Nordics and France. The deal was brokered by Fremantle’s co-production and distribution executive vice president Jamie Lin.

Last week, Starzplay received a reboot of the Peacock Channel 4 cult hit Fierce as a man For the UK and a dozen other regions.

Launched in 2020, Winger’s Big Window focuses on bringing stories from Berlin to a global audience. Other development projects unveiled at launch include the TNT series The Jungle (work title) About a COVID-19 outbreak in a slaughterhouse.

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