Diablo Cody joins Jenny Mollen’s ‘City of Like’ as executive producer – Deadline

Exclusive: Oscar winner Diablo Cody (Juno) Jenny Molen’s ride City of choice As executive producer of the series Adaptation, which is in development with Sony Pictures TV and The Nassel Company. Announced in 2021, the project falls under Nacelle’s First Look Comedy deal with Sony TV. The book will be published on June 14 by NacelleBooks.

City of choice Centered around Megan Chernoff, a talented but unemployed copywriter in an identity crisis after the birth of her second child. To find a fresh start, he and his family moved to New York City, where they met a gorgeous, stylish, well-known mumfluencer. Before he knew it, Meg found herself immersed in a world of ‘mumfluenser’, participating in the exclusive power Mama Supper Club, attending fancy wellness ceremonies, and the outward legitimacy she received from her followers who grew by the thousands every day. When Meg realizes that she is losing track of the most important things, she realizes that she needs to find a way to get back to her real life. But first he has to determine what “real” means.

City of choice Social media is an entertaining satire on the tempting greed, as well as a disturbing portrayal of women’s relationships, motherhood and our “picture or it didn’t happen” culture.

Brian Volk-Weiss, Jenny Mollen, Michael Pelmont and Matt Ochachar are working as executive producers.

Cody won the Oscar for Best Screenplay for Juno. Since then, his writing has included credit Jennifer’s body, Tully, young adult, And television series They are the United States And A Mississippi. Prior to her work in film and television, Diablo gained recognition for her candid blogs and subsequent memoirs, Candy Girl: One year in the life of an unlikely stripper. He recently screened an upcoming Madonna biopic at Universal, which will be directed by Madonna. In addition to an Academy Award, Cody has won a Tony Award, the Independent Spirit Award, the WGA Award and the BAFTA Award.

“Jenny Mollen is a genius and I’m thrilled to be her co-conspirator in this extremely sexy project,” Cody said.

“Diablo Cody is one of the most iconic and unique female voices of our generation. She has an authentic and unparalleled ability to add humor and pathos to every one of her projects from Juno to Jagged. She has inspired me throughout my career and collaborated with her on this personal project.” I could not have been more thrilled and humbled by the opportunity to do so. ” Molen says.

“It’s an honor to work with a fellow hockey player and we can’t be lucky to have him on board!” Volk-Weiss says.

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