‘Disappeared’, ‘Who’s (Blip) I’m Married’ ID, Discovery + Reboot on Slate –

Id and Discovery + have unveiled their original crime slate for the 2022-23 advance season, including four new TV series with a reboot of the classic podcast. Invisible And Who am I (blip) married to, Six new specials, including Army Hammer-centric House of Hammer (wt), nine returning series, two new podcasts, Hot and Deadly And The deadliest decade, And a new season Monster’s mind Podcast that launches in July.

Also Invisible And Who am I (blip) married to, New ID series included The killer is in the next room, And Wild Wicked West (wt).

IDO will have four new special premieres in August, Menendez Brothers: Misconceptions?, Mary K Leturneu: Notes on a Scandal, Who Killed Biggie and Tupac? (wt) and The Killer Nanny, British and Judy Lewis Woodward murder trial. Later this year, House of Hammer (wt) a The special, which focuses on the alleged crimes of Oscar-nominated actor Army Hammer and the dark legacy of the Hammer family, will premiere with Discovery + Gabby Petito: An ID Murder MysteryIt will premiere in October to commemorate Special ID’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The Returning Series is included this early season American Detective with Lieutenant Joe Kender, Pursuit with John Walsh, Undercover Underage, Evil Lives Here, Reasonable Doubt, Murder Under the Friday Night Light, People Magazine Investigates And In the case of Pala Jahan, Among others.

“We’re thrilled to be constantly innovating in crime and justice space by challenging traditional true crime storytelling formats to create impressive, original programming across our ID linear network, Discovery + and podcasts that not only captivate viewers but also statistical, litigation and forensic disclosures. . We know our fans care about that, “said Jason Sarlanis, president of Crime and Investigative Content, Linear and Streaming. “That’s why I’m so excited to unveil an incredible, expansive programming slate that is an impressive combination of exciting new series and specials, countless hours of fresh episodes from our hit series, reboots of the series that are dear to our ID addicts and loved ones.” , And new podcast content. We’re glad to bring our favorite content to our listeners. ”

Here is the complete description of ID / discovery +:


Brother Menendez: Wrong?

Thirty years ago, the nation watched every moment of Menendez Brothers’ dramatic trial on Court TV in real time. Now, thanks to TikTok and social media, a whole new generation is learning their story for the first time. Details of the murder were preserved in our collective memory: 911 Call, crime scene photo, Rolex. The media narrative – the two Beverly Hills boys who killed their parents for greed and created a fantastic account to get out of it – remains a national punchline. But now, three decades later, as General Z discovers the case, they see the story of two sons who were horribly tortured by their mother, father … and the media. Did we all get it wrong?

Who killed Biggie and Tupac? (wt)
25 years of contempt, controversy and conspiracy all lead to the same single question: who killed Biggie and Tupac? Now, with exclusive interviews and unique insights into both shootings, the series responds from the key players involved. Who do you believe is telling the truth?

Mary K. Leturneu: Notes about a scandal
With all the elements of a Hollywood movie, this sex scandal shocked, fascinated and enraged America in the 1990’s. Mary K. Letornio, a 34-year-old elementary school teacher who was married with 4 children, began a relationship in 1997 with her 12-year-old student, Willie Fualau. Not only did they deny the abusive behavior, they would eventually embrace a love affair that included a French-kiss on the school grounds, trust in his van and even sexual intercourse at his family home. The question on everyone’s mind was: Is this true love, or is Mary K. Letornio a pedophile, guilty of child rape?

Murderous nanny
The murder trial of British and British couple Lewis Woodward transfixed viewers on live television in the UK and divided public opinion over whether he was guilty or not. Twenty-five years later the evidence was re-examined with unprecedented access to witnesses, defense team, prosecution and jury members who determined his fate.

Hammer house (wt)
Disobedience. Deception. Swearing. Anuradha. Corruption. For five generations, the men in the Hammer family have had more privacy and scandal than any other vault. Army Hammer’s alleged crimes are just the tip of the iceberg. Through a troupe of archives and interviews with survivors and family members, the dark and twisted secrets of the Hammer family are revealed. Behind money and power lies a dysfunctional dynasty whose male characters exhibit all the destructive consequences of wild privilege.

Gabby Petito: An ID Murder Mystery
On the one-year anniversary of Gabby Petito’s disappearance and finally the death that sparked a media firestorm, a thought-provoking special comes to break the harsh reality of her grueling relationship with Brian Laundry.

New series and reboot

Capitalizing on the success of ID’s invisible podcast comes a television revival of the favorite franchise. As the demand for dedicated fans grows, ID reboots its series of missing persons to help shed light on more people who have apparently disappeared without a trace and whose loved ones are still searching for answers. The goal of this series is to bring back the answer of missing and closing loved ones – sometimes with devastating consequences.

Who am I married to?
One of ID’s iconic series is back to reveal the story of being happy after a horrible mistake. Following the success of the recently released podcast, Whom (Blip) Am I Married? ID returns after a seven-year hiatus with a modern-day makeover. All-new episodes highlight the manipulative and dangerous criminals who use their lure to cheat, steal, and seduce unsuspecting victims into romantic relationships – eventually leaving the awakening of destruction… even death.

Wild Wicked West (wt)
Set in an epic landscape where traditions of blood and vengeance run deep as gorges and murders are still solved in the old school system, this gripping series reveals the most compelling murders in some of the wildest and most remote cities in the western United States. With few or no witnesses, no CCTV and often a dead phone signal, these can be the most difficult event for the police.

Killer side door
These are the stories of ordinary people who face the evil that was always in front of them. Through the lens of the Home Archive, we embark on a tragic crime with our insiders to reveal what was missed before the tragedy changed everything.

Returning Series

Pursuit with John Walsh
After an incredibly successful 36 episodes of 36 featured fugitives being found or brought to justice, ID and Victims’ rights advocate John Walsh is teaming up with John Walsh to find the missing children in the fourth season of IN PURSUIT. In the series, John Walsh and his son, Callahan Walsh, introduce active and employed viewers of ID to unsolved violent crimes that need to be stopped immediately. In partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), the series also includes two missing children per hour in the hope that viewers can take new lead on their whereabouts.

In the case of Pala Jahan
In the case of PAULA ZAHN takes viewers on a thrilling journey between the most fascinating crime and mystery investigations. First person accounts, including expert insights, are characterized as each case reaches its dramatic conclusion.

People Magazine investigates
The new season returns on Monday, June 6th
Tearing off the pages of one of the country’s top weekly magazines, People Magazine’s Investigators went head-to-head to uncover the heartbreaking stories of life and family separation. The series draws viewers to the center of America’s most egregious crime, as the famous journalists of People reveal the striking twists and amazing facts they learned while investigating each case.

American Detective Joe Kenda with LT
With a 92% resolution, Joe Kenda is one of the most successful killer detectives in the country. ID’s hit series Homicide Hunter: Nine Seasons of LT was profile of his impressive career. Joe Kenda, and now he’s back to give his cap tip to other great men and women who answered the call. In American Detective, Canada transacts in its own case file to bring a startling investigation to viewers from across the country, each episode having a different detective profile whose tireless efforts helped bring justice to the victim.

Reasonable suspicion
Retired genocide detective Chris Anderson and defense attorney Fatima Silva re-examine the controversial murder cases to make sure the right person for the crime is behind bars. Appropriate process দুই two 10 new cases have returned to look through the objective lens, hoping to uncover the truth behind the conviction of the suspect court. Their investigation ends in an emotional reckoning with the family, either giving hope for an appeal, or accepting the guilty verdict of their loved one.

Undercover underage
These intense doctrines follow the work of child advocate Ru Powell – a 39-year-old mother of three – who posed as a deco for minors to identify dangerous online child poachers. His agency, SOSA (Safe from Online Sexual Abuse), Roo and his team work in collaboration with law enforcement agencies to identify the perpetrators who are suspected to be victims of child abuse. Undercover Andrews follows the team in real-time as they transform Rookie into a teenage personality and work to confirm the true identity of the men who approached him.

Evil lives here
If the person closest to you is the devil in disguise, will you see the signs? Evil Lives has intimate and incredible first-hand accounts from people whose loved ones have committed some of the most heinous crimes. Each season takes viewers through the fear, pain, and chronic trauma that comes hand in hand with being close to evil.

Body cam
Raw, intense and action-packed, BODY CAM uses body cam footage to confront officers in dangerous, fast-moving situations and show their life-and-death decisions in the blink of an eye.

Murder under the light of Friday night
Across the country, high school football brings together small-town communities. But when a heinous murder shatters the dream world that Friday night, the crime goes beyond being immediately affected and the community will never be the same again.

New podcast

Hot and deadly
Debut on Thursday, June 16th
Dangers lurk in the swamps to the south and across the open road, not to miss a single push, even in late summer. Each episode examines an interesting story, from the murder of a former biker gang to the discovery of the president of a missing bank in a swamp, taped to a chair in a swamp.

The deadliest decade
Debuted in August
With the stories from the hit TV series of the same name as ID, The Deadlist travels in time to repeat the murder investigation through the lens of nostalgia in The Decade. We get a snapshot of the national mood, the headlines of the time and the trends in pop culture. But the comfortable spell of valuable entertainment quickly breaks down with a tragic murder.

Podcast Returning

A monster mind
The new season begins in July
This season of Mind of a Monster, criminal psychologist Dr. Michelle Ward took us to the state of Washington in 1970 to investigate two of the most famous serial killers in U.S. history – Ted Bundy and the so-called Green River killer, Gary Ridgway. Both use deception to prey on young women and use large tracts of land to dump their bodies. And they’ve done it about 100 times between them – probably more.

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