Disney + Order ‘Star Wars’ Younglings Series, Animated Anthology – Deadline

Disney + lineup will be further expanded Star wars Content with a pair of upcoming series, Tales of the JD and Young JD Adventures. Two shows were released during the three-day Star Wars Celebration 2022 event at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Disney will have its first premiere on the streaming platform later this year Tales of the Jedi. An anthropology series consisting of original animated shorts, Tales of the Jedi Jedi of the prequel era will tout the featured stories and make its debut in the fall.

The newly released series will be the second Star wars Animated anthropology to come to the Disney platform. In September 2021, Disney + debuted Star Wars VisionsAn anthropology series featuring seven Japanese anime studio animated shorts Star wars World.

Disney + and Disney Jr. are set to arrive in 2023, Young JD Adventures Performed in the High Republic era. Young Jedi Adventure Young people will follow when they learn the ways of strength – including empathy, self-discipline, teamwork and patience – to become fearless fighters.

The series was announced just one day after Disney + ‘s Evan McGregor-Fronted debut. OB-One Kenobi Friday series. Also OB-One Kenobi, Disney + is currently a broker MandalarianWhich will return in the third season in 2023, Book of the dumb fat And Bad batch In between Star wars Original slate. Inside, Ahsoka And Skeleton crew The work is in the new series.

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