Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Top $ 800M Global Box Office –

Refresh for the latest: Disney / Marvels Doctor is weird in crazy multiverse Exceeded $ 800M worldwide this weekend, now 803.2M After three frames. That $ 342.1M Is from native and $ 461.1M From the international box office. The offshore drop was 53% 40M From 49 markets.

Last weekend we raised the question of how high these clocks and movements could go and now it is being thought that doctors worldwide could exceed about $ 950M when all is said and done. And it’s without China and Russia in the mix.

Of the 28 MCU features (and excluding China and Russia), Sam Raimi-guided spin on the Wizard ranks 11th globally so far. It also became the No. 1 global and international release of 2022 and the second biggest Hollywood movie of the epidemic. At IMAX, the Benedict Cumberbatch-starrer now grossed 55.8M.

Overall foreign, Korea Top play remains at $ 45.9M (a new local movie has been unsettled there this season – see below). The top 5 are rounding out United Kingdom ($ 43.8M), Mexico ($ 35.7M), Brazil (29.2M) and Australia ($ 23M).

Overall, the holding at the international box office this weekend was good, with Tom Cruise returning to the big screen next weekend. Top gun: Maverick Follows a worldwide press tour that can probably be seen from space.

Bad guys

There were also some milestones in the mix as Sony Unpublished Top নের 400M worldwide and Universal / DreamWorks animation Bad guys Stolen বিদেশ 100 million abroad.

Bad guys The $ 100M offshore benchmark became one of only five animated titles during the epidemic. It was good for the weekend 6.6M In 68 markets – only 4% drop from the previous frame. That brings offshore total $ 107.8M And worldwide $ 182.2M.

One of the rare movies to make a decent number towards the end China, Bad guys Overtaking has now earned $ 25.5M there Batman And close on Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore It has become the number one Hollywood movie of the year in the market. Other notable cumes are included United Kingdom (15.6M), Australia (10.9M), Spain (7.2M) and France (6.3M). Japan released in October.


From left, Tom Holland ‘uncharted’ in Mark Wahlberg and Columbia Pictures.
Columbia Pictures / Sony Pictures

Sony UnpublishedMeanwhile, the world has crossed the four-century mark this weekend, Grossing said 400.7M. Tom Holland / Mark Wahlberg-starrer is the 4th largest video game adaptation of all time worldwide. It has been mapped abroad 253.1M Since its release in January.

Among the local language pictures, of the megabox Roundup A $ 29.2M was open for five days Korea2nd highest launch weekend in Korean title format with A 700K from IMAX on 17 screens. The 2017 sequel to director Lee Tsang-young External One follows a policeman who goes abroad to extradite a suspect. But soon after arriving, he discovers more murders and finds out about a rogue killer who has been committing crimes against tourists for years. It’s amazing to see the Korean box office bounce back.


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