Donald Trump pays 110,000 fine for contempt of court

Update: Former President Donald Trump has been fined 110 110,000 by a New York judge for contempt of court.

The Associated Press reported, citing the office of New York Attorney General Letia James, that Trump paid the fine Thursday. To comply with Judge Arthur Engor’s order, he still has to file additional documents that hold additional fines until Trump’s attorneys describe in more detail their efforts to search Trump’s records and explain the Trump administration’s documentation policy.

James Trump is investigating the organization’s business practices. Trump’s legal team has challenged the contempt order, and the former president himself has attacked James’ investigation as politically motivated.

Previously, May 11: A New York judge has said he will withdraw a contempt order against Donald Trump, but the former president must pay a 110,000 fine and meet other conditions.

According to the Associated Press, Judge Arthur Engorn outlined the conditions under which the contempt order would be suspended. Trump was fined 10,000 10,000 a day for failing to comply with Attorney General Letitia James’ subpoena request for Trump agency documents. Engorn also wants Trump to submit an affidavit detailing his company’s retention policy for such records, in addition to his efforts to search documents, according to the AP. Trump has until May 20 to comply.

Trump’s attorneys have argued that they have responded to the subpoena and that they are not withholding documents after conducting a thorough investigation.

James Trump is conducting a civic investigation into the agency’s business practices. He said Trump had failed to produce the documents and meet the subpona deadline by the end of March.

The state’s attorney general is also trying to answer questions to Trump under oath. Trump’s attorneys are challenging that effort, and he has attacked James’ investigation as politically motivated. His investigation focuses on whether the Trump administration has inflated the value of assets.

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