Dr Hemingway joins ‘The Kill Room’ thriller from Yale Entertainment – Deadline

Exclusive: Dr. Hemingway (Unicorn) Is the latest addition to the cast of Yale Entertainment’s Darkley comedy thriller. Kill room, From author Jonathan Jacobson and director Nicole Pawn. He joined a team that included Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Also included are Jackson, Joe Manganiello, Maya Hawke, The Goddess Mazar, and Larry Pine, as previously announced.

Kill room Hitman centers on Reggie (Manganilo), his boss (Jackson), an art dealer (Thurman) and their money laundering scheme, which accidentally turns Hitman into an overnight avant-garde sensation, forcing the dealer to play against the underworld in the art world. Hemingway Thurman’s rival will play Anika, the owner of a successful art gallery.

Jordan Yale Levine, Jordan Bakerman, and John Kayes will be performing their banner with Yale Productions, with Ann Clement of Idiot Savant Pictures, Pawn of Untitled Entertainment, Thurman, Daniel Thomas, and Jason Weinberg, and Prologue with such content. Executive producers include Robert Cap, Scott Levenson, Jason Kringstein, Richard Switzer, Ian Niles, Philip W. Schultz, Bradley Pilz, Michael J. Rothstein, Jesse Corman, Jeffrey Tusi and Michael and Jackie Palkwich. Yale’s recently launched sales and distribution banner, Great Escape, manages international sales and co-establishes U.S. rights with its ear ICM partners.

Hemingway made a splash on the indie scene while starring in Shawn Baker’s 2012 award-winning film, Starlet. Since then, he has appeared in Alex Ross Perry’s film Listen PhilipOf Noah Baumbach When we are young And Logan Sandler Live cargo, Is working with Spike Jonge in a 2013 YouTube Music Awards segment, directed by Jonge and written by Lena Dunham. Other notable credits included Bound about, It happened in LA, Love after love And Robert Schwartzman Unicorn. She has been represented by ICM Partners, the UK’s Independent Talent Group, Untitled Entertainment and Shrek Rose Dapello.

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