Dr. Strange 2 sets video suggests that Rintra was originally a big role

Dr. Strange in Madness’s Multiverse Minotar introduces Rintrah in a background role, although a set of videos suggests that he originally had a major role.

In the Marvel comic sequel, Rintrah is a green-skinned minuter from the extra-dimensional planet R’Val, who sees him training as a magician under Dr. Strange. Dr. Strange in Madness’s Multiverse Rintrah, starring Adam Hooghly, was introduced during Scarlet Witch’s attack on Kamar-Taj. He was one of the many magicians who were called in to help defend against Wonder.

Rintrah was a notable addition to the blacksmith-crown scene who was apparently inhumane as the only magician. However, his role was relatively small, and audience members unfamiliar with the comics may have been somewhat confused by the appearance of a green minutar among the blacksmiths’ magicians.

Focusing on filming a deleted scene from a new set of videos Dr. Strange in Madness’s Multiverse, Rintrah and involved with other magicians. In the scene, a small group of magicians are scaling the side of Mount Undago after being attacked by Scarlet Witch. An actor in a motion-capture suit, possibly portraying Rintrah, may be gripped while throwing two magicians off a hill in Wonder Magic. Watch the clip below:

In the end, Wong and Dr. Strange were the only magicians who traveled to Undagor in an attempt to stop Wanda. Rintrah’s inclusion in an earlier version of this scene may indicate that the film is about to sink deeper into the character’s story at some point, or at least give him a more advanced role in laying the groundwork for his future exploration of history.

Here is the summary for Doctor Strange in Crazy Multiverse:

MCU unlocks multiverse and pushes its boundaries further than before. The Unknown Journey with Dr. Strange, who, with the help of mysterious allies of both old and new, transcends the mind-bending and dangerous alternative realities of Multiverse to confront a mysterious new adversary.

Directed by Sam Raimi from a screenplay written by Michael Waldron, the film stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Chewetel Eziofor, Elizabeth Olsen, Benedict Wang, Joachim Gomez, Michael Stuhlberg, Rachel McAdams and Patrick Stuart.

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