Dwayne Johnson and Danny Garcia announce when Disney will carry all XFL games

Dwayne Johnson and Danny Garcia took to the stage at a Disney upfront presentation to announce a carriage deal for all 43 XFL games when the Spring Pro League returns in 2023.

“We have entered into an exclusive multi-year agreement with our partners, the Walt Disney Company to manufacture and distribute all our games,” said Garcia. ABC, ESPN and FX will all be air games, the pair said.

Johnson called the XFL a “League of Emotions, a League of Pride, a League of Culture.”

Johnson and Garcia acquired XFL along with other investors after the league went through bankruptcy. WWE founder and CEO Vince McMahon bankrolled the return of the league, which revived after a 20-year absence but was soon buzzing with Covid.

The revival of the league “is going to be the perfect time for football fans who want more touchdown thrills at the end of the college and NFL seasons,” said Garcia.

Historically, the NFL’s attempts to compete have all but failed. USFLO is back with a new version of the league with games on Fox and NBC that weren’t technically related to the 1980s meltdown.

Johnson has sued for retiring XFL. “It’s also going to feature technological innovations designed to create a truly unique viewing experience for fans around the world,” he said.

Garcia also conveyed a message to advertisers: “We are rebuilding this brand. And with your brand. Together we can create something that is truly special and iconic. “

The new owners are “thrilled to see this vision come alive with our team working with Disney to create an explosive, new powerhouse every year on the sports calendar,” he said.

Nellie Andreva contributed to this report.

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