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Spoiler alert: The following story reveals the main plot points of CBS ‘FBI: Most Wanted’s Season 3 finale.

Dylan McDermott is closing season 3 of the CBS drama FBI: Most Wanted Just a few weeks after Julian McMahon’s departure to join the series – but not before looking at his passionate new romance.

FBI: Most Wanted

Dylan McDermott as Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott.

In “A Man Without a Country”, the Fugitive Task Force is investigating an industrial theft that killed six people, including two U.S. marshals. The painting is of an original Cজzanne worth $ 160 million, owned by the powerful Russian oligarch Trofim Sarkov (Rudolf Martin) who later revealed that he himself had committed the theft.

When Remy learns of Sarkov’s involvement, the team follows him. Corned, Sarkov takes revenge. So Remy, Hannah (Keisha Castle-Hughes) and Christine (Alexa Davalos) send their families to hide in an army base for their own protection.

The group extends the offer to Sarkov’s daughter, Paulina (Layanka Grew), who is opposed to everything her father does, but she refuses.

But how did Sarkov gain access to the agents’ personal information, which is confidential only to loved ones and those in the bureau? There was someone inside Sarkov whom he was blackmailing, of course. Once the sesame was found, he revealed that the subway was an impending threat that Remy and the team later discovered contained toxic gas.

Sarkozy tried to run for the Russian consulate where he negotiated an agreement – or so he thinks everything ends well. No one was more surprised than Sarkov when he was confronted by a guard and later shot dead.

(LR): Wendy Moniz as Judge April Brooks and Dylan McDermott as Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott

One of the people who decided to leave town at the right time was Remy’s new girlfriend, who was leaving for a summit after an exciting night together. Since his arrival, the new team leader has shown a softer, more vulnerable side.

So who is the woman who seduced Remy? He is April Brooks (Wendy Moniz), a judge who first introduced the episode on May 10 entitled “Greatest Hits”. Remy sought the help of a judge in a case where he needed a warrant but without sufficient probable cause, even his “baby blues” did not help.

In the same episode, viewers meet Remy’s ex-wife Detective Carmen Schmidt (Lisa Dotz) who is already dating one of Remy’s favorites – and he hopes to find someone new.

Not that Carmen needed the blessing but it did tell Remy to get a little emotional and get the judge out on a date. And, as we know now, it’s all going pretty well.

McDermott talks to Deadline about the completion of Season 3 and how it is helping to build Remy’s new romance character.

Deadline: Now that you’ve been on the show for a few weeks, what was your experience like playing Remy Scott?

Dylan McDermott: It has been such a relentless transformation. After working for Wolf Camp before, they already understood my type of work. They know I like to improve and create things on the spot. I think if it was another producer, they might be a little nervous. But since they saw what I did Organized crime For two years, they knew what I was going to bring. You know, we literally shoot from the side door Organized crime And some people are the same. It was just an easy transfer.

(LR): Dylan McDermott as Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott and Alexa Davalos as Special Agent Christine Gaines

Deadline: Was that line about being a fan of Remy Kevin James movie one of your improvements?

McDermott: There was a reference to Kevin James, but then I took it to the next level that he is my favorite actor and I watch all his movies. I always try to take what they have and bump it up a bit or change it to make it more personal. You know, whatever. That’s what I like about working with Dick Wolf, he lets me be mine. I have a lot of fun. If I could laugh at myself all day, I knew I had a good day.

Deadline: Are viewers happy to see Remy explore a new romance?

McDermott: I wanted to see some romance for her. I think some people want to see. Remy’s heart is still there and it’s great about it. She is divorced and she goes through it but there is something about how she has maintained her innocence. He’s still playful. I love that.

Deadline: Although things are new between Remy and the judge, things seem to be going well Do you agree

McDermott: Yes, he was very steadfast. She really likes him and keeps showing up in his place. I think once he knows that person, he has everything.

Deadline: Does he complicate the matter of being a judge?

McDermott: Yes, I’m sure on some level but I think they try to keep it separate. I love that Remy calls his judge. He is reminding everyone that he is a judge himself. They try to keep as many boundaries as possible. I think he needs someone who is really smart and going to put him in his place.

Deadline: Now that you’ve all settled in, do you want to do a crossover with FBI or FBI: International in the future?

McDermott: Oh yeah, that would be so cool! I know they did a crossover before the three shows and people were watching it. They start at 8pm and leave the TV on. I think it would be fun for Remy to show up in these three and have a storyline where he can go again and again. I think fans like it.

Deadline: If he does international, Remy can go to Europe.

McDermott: Exactly! I want to go to Europe. I got my vaccine card and I’m ready to go.

Deadline: What are you taking from your experience this season?

McDermott: I mean, I love being on the go FBI: Most Wanted, It really is a great fit for me. I can be a leading person again which I have not been in some time. I’ve been playing these dubious bad boys. So this is that I’m doing this show and it’s a great fit; I can use my humor; I can be dramatic and I can be romantic — it’s a dream come true for me. In show business you never know. You never know when your time will end. You never know what kind of role you’re going to play. Finally, at 60, I can do it all at once – it’s amazing.

This interview was edited and condensed for length and clarity.

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