Ellen DeGeneres has said goodbye to the show for a long time

With millions of people watching your every move, having a TV presence is never an easy task Ellen DeGeneres One of the most favorite talk show hosts of the century. She was one of the first TV talk show hosts to appear as a lesbian.

Recently was the last episode of the talk show. Although the whole situation was very emotional, Ellen confirmed in her last solitude that she first appeared on the show 19 years ago. He considered the process of coming to a show as if he were coming into a relationship. In his final words, he said it was not the end of the relationship at all. It was more of a break. Although her show would no longer be aired, everyone was free to watch other shows, and Ellen claimed that she would have viewers now and then.

He was very nostalgic, talking about the show. He said that when he started the first show 20 years ago, no one thought his show would be anything. It wasn’t that his show was weird but it was because Ellen was very different as a talk show host. He recalls not being able to use the word gay in any of his shows. He claimed that he used to say homosexuality all the time at home but frowned on sex and gay marriage, so he could not get himself back then.

He also talked about how he canceled his show in prime time because he was a lesbian. On the counter, he started hosting one day shows. Ellen claims that if her show makes anyone laugh, it’s her job.

His show was praised by Stephen ‘tWich’ boss who said that his show was very different from what people usually see on TV. He said his show was very included.

Ellen also confirmed to shout out to her staff as well as executive producers. Ellen’s show was loved by many and will continue to be so for many. Throughout his journey, he has inspired many people to become stars.

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