Elon Musk, 74, in a swimsuit posing for a magazine cover

74-year-old mother Elon Musk A swimsuit posing for a magazine cover. May Mask has worked as a model for over 50 years, regularly appearing on the cover of the most prestigious publications, including Time. However, now she is known not only as a fashion model but also as the mother of the richest man in the world – Elon Musk. The mother, however, often goes with her son to public events. The last Met Gala, for example, says they happily posed together.

However, on May 16, Musk decided to remind everyone that she still looks great in a swimsuit. The mother of a famous entrepreneur posed for the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit. Naturally, Internet users were happy to see these shots. Most of all, fans of the girl liked the fact that the creators of the magazine almost never used retouching and did not try to hide some age-related changes.

Mother Musk

The interview was, of course, devoted to ageism. “I did not initially think that age would prevent me from making this cover. And I’m glad I was invited to talk about something as important as age. I can say a lot about how to feel good at any age, “May stressed in an interview with reporters.

“I want to tell all women that they should strive for their own happiness first. Communicate with good people, try to be kind to others and achieve your goals. Now I live my best life, but before, I could not have imagined it, “Musk concluded.

In addition to Elon, 50, Mask is the mother of 49-year-old son Campbell and 47-year-old Tusker, after which I wrote an article for SI Swimming in honor of my latest achievement.

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