Elsa Husk appeared in Valentino’s costume

Elsa Husk After a dress from the ears appeared Valentino . When pregnant Adriana Lima wins the red carpet with her bold look, her colleague Elsa Husk delights fans with her bright colors.

The supermodel of Swedish descent has long won the love of viewers at the Grand Victoria’s Secret show, captivating guests with her cool beauty. This time, the Snow Queen of the fashion world has chosen a textured dress in the dark shade of Fuchsia from the new Valentino collection. A submerged neckline, combined with a flowing dense crepe cut and a long train, gives the garment a special shape, for which the star resembles a newly blossomed bud of a delicate May rose. The brittle shoulders seemed comfortable in a half-fitted style background, and the long matching gloves added a more dramatic effect to the image.

A shiny choker and diamond bracelet completes the look, perfect for flawless stars. The model’s platinum traces were styled in a braided updo and the slightly dewy makeup with silver shimmer was a breath of fresh air on this special day.

In a previous post, the 2022 Cannes Film Festival has officially begun. The annual event is one of the brightest red carpets in the world, second only to the Stylish and Opportunity Oscar and Met Gala. A-list stars fly from Hollywood and travel all over Europe to climb that signature red step. Of course, they must wear their best suits and costumes, which are often made by the best fashion houses or literally taken from the catwalk. After the show was canceled in 2020 due to epidemics, Cannes went offline last year. And in 2022, celebrities with new vitality embraced their favorite pastime – to shine, surprise and shine.

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