Elvis premieres at Cannes Film Festival with a 10-minute standing ovation –

Refresh for the latest: Lightning Luhrmann Elvis For the film’s world premiere, the Cannes Film Festival rode the red carpet this evening, greeted with explosive applause inside the palace.

The crowd reached his feet during the final performance of the Warner Bros. title, clapped before the lights went on, and stood for 10 minutes to mark the 2022 record so far for the festival.

Earlier, guests came on the strains of Elvis Presley classics such as “Houndg” and “Jailhouse Rock”. Stars Austin Butler, Tom Hanks and Olivia DeGeneres were present, as well as Priscilla Presley, who was later portrayed in the film.

The story explores the life and music of Elvis Presley (Butler) as seen through the prism of his intricate relationship with the mysterious manager, Colonel Tom Parker (Hanks). The story revolves around the complex dynamics between Presley and Parker for more than 20 years. Luhrmann had previously told Cinemacon Elvis Covers three editions of King of Rock: as a Rebel, as a Hollywood star, and at his Vegas Twilight. Everything is revealed against the backdrop of America’s growing cultural landscape and the loss of innocence. Also at the center of the journey is Priscilla Presley, one of the most important and influential people in Elvis’ life.

Also on CinemaCon, Luhrmann explained, “Elvis is the real superhero. He rises so high, then finds his kryptonite and falls so low, and then a beautiful, powerful tragedy occurs.”


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