End of ‘Bull’ series on CBS – Deadline

Eaters Warning! Don’t read if you don’t see the end of the series Bull At CBS.

In the end, Dr. Jason Bull threw it all away to do what was right.

Thursday in the final episode of the series BullThe title character, played by Michael Weatherly, has decided to give up his career as a forensic expert to help keep away from a suspected murder. The episode was a continuation of the story of the previous week, where Bull Ed Wilson (Rod McLachlan) defended the owner of an apartment building, who was accused of poisoning multiple tenants with carbon monoxide.

By the end of the May 19 episode, it became clear to Bull that Ed had deliberately planned the attack to kill a tenant he knew had killed a college student years earlier. To make sure that Bull doesn’t reveal his dark secrets, Ed reveals privileged information that he did, in fact, kill the young woman. Because he and his Trial Analysis Corporation, or TAC, represented Ed, there was no way to call the Bull Police.

Bull realized that he could do nothing about it – until the end of the May 26 series, that is, when he realized that the jury in Ed’s case was about to acquit his very guilty client. Ed seeks to free a college student who was buried in a barrel rather than be freed for murder, Bull’s career-killing choice to burst into a jury room and reveals Ed Bad people.

A mystery was announced, which gave prosecutors a new chance to try Ed. Justice is strong, but Bull’s career as a smart-alley advisor was toast! But that’s okay; Bull was ready to leave TAC and his second-in-command Marissa Morgan (Geneva Car) let him buy.

The last scene of the episode shows Bull walking from his NYC building to the tune of “Call Me Irresponsible”.

In January, CBS announced its sixth and current season Bull It will end. Based on Phil McGraw’s early career as a jury expert, the play got off to a great start and has always been a strong performer for the network. But Weatherly became the center of controversy over allegations of sexual harassment by former co-star Eliza Dushku. Shorener Glenn Gordon Caron and original cast member Freddie Rodriguez left last season after an investigation at work.

A source told Deadline that CBS would stick with the series but Weatherly was ready to leave.

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