Endor premiere date, teaser trailer, more episodes of Diego Luna Star Wars

Star warsThe rogue one prequel Andar Disney + will hit in late summer.

At Anaheim’s Star Wars Celebration Confab today, it was revealed that the series, led by Diego Lunar, is set for a loan on August 31 in the House of Mouse streamer. Like the OB-One Kenobi series that will lend itself to Disney + tomorrow, Andor will kick off with two episodes.

Take a look Andar Teasers just dropped:

In addition, Andor is expanding its first season 12-episode to 24 episodes with an amazing second season. Shorner Tony Gilroy said today that the series will return for Part 2 in front of the camera in November. “We’re going to rewind from Rogue One 5 years ago,” Gilmore told fans on stage Thursday. “We’ve already shot 12 episodes!”

“We are going to rewind from #RogueOne 5 years ago. We’ve already shot 12 episodes!

Andor News came out during the Lucasfilm panel on Thursday at this year’s Star Wars celebration. As the fan-forward event begins, Hayden Christensen and Evan McGregor came on stage to talk about the latest Disney + Star Wars series, OB-One Kenobi, Which will debut on the streamer tonight. The first two episodes will be shown to fans in Anaheim tonight before their Disney drop.

“We’re beginning to feel all your love for the prequels we’ve made,” McGregor told the entire House.

The Star Wars celebration runs until Sunday, May 29th

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