Eva Green backed Johnny Depp in the conflict with Amber Hard

Eva Green Supported Johnny Depp Conflict with Amber Hard. Actress Eva Green backed Johnny Depp, who is suing Amber Hard. French actress Eva Green has backed “Pirates of the Caribbean” star Johnny Depp, who is suing his ex-wife Amber Hard. The artist spoke of their conflict on Instagram.

The artist posted a joint photo with Depp and wrote: “I have no doubt that Johnny will open his good name and wonderful heart to the world and his life and the life of his family will be better than ever.”
A contempt of court case is currently pending in Fairfax County, Virginia. Johnny Depp has sued Amber Hard and demanded 50 50 million for an article in the Washington Post, in which he described himself as a target of domestic violence. The actor insisted that his statement was reprehensible. In February 2020, a conversation between the stars was leaked to the network, at which time the actress admitted that she had beaten her ex-husband.

In court, Hard said Depp cheated on her and also used physical and mental violence. His sister Whitney Henriquez noted that there were always fights between the stars when the actor was drinking or using drugs.
In another conversation, Hard and Depp argued that the actress had slapped her husband or punched him. The actor claimed that Hard beat him, but he said that Depp did it lightly, saying he was not “injured.” “You’re such a kid; grow up, *****, Johnny!” He shouted in response to the actor’s allegations.

Hard also admits that he started fighting with Depp when he fled. “I left because I couldn’t stand this violence with each other. If it continues, everything will get worse. And baby, I’ve already said it once. I’m scared to death that we seem to be arranging a crime scene.” Depp says.

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