Eva Mendes has stated the conditions for her return to cinema after eight years

Actress Eva Mendes The conditions for his return to the cinema after an eight-year hiatus were stated

Eva Mendes, a 48-year-old American actress, has been told she will return to filming after an eight-year hiatus. Entertainment report.

According to the artist, he will be able to act in the film again if his participation is not accompanied by bold scenes, as well as shots of violence.

Mendes said he set such conditions for his daughters – seven-year-old Esmeralda and six-year-old Amada, whom the actress is raising with her husband, the artist. Ryan Gosling . Eva said she doesn’t want her daughters to watch their mother’s bed when they grow up.

In 2014, Mendes last appeared on screen, starring in her husband’s first film, How to Catch a Monster. Since then, the actress has been involved in child rearing and has been fond of designing interior designs as well as her own charitable foundations. At that point, the artist decided to suspend filming indefinitely.

In late April, it was reported that “Spider-Man” star Andrew Garfield had decided to suspend his acting career.

According to the artist, he has been spending quite a busy time over the last few years, including numerous shootings. It devastates him mentally and physically. Garfield admits he needs time to figure out how to move forward.

“I have to re-adjust and see what I want to do next and who I want to be, and to be a normal person for a while,” the actor said in an interview.

The Spider-Man star also shared what he was going to do when he took a break from his career.

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