Evan McGregor says every line of Star Wars: Episode 2 was re-recorded.

OB-One Kenobi Star Evan McGregor shares why all the lines Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones Had to re-record.

Like a lot MandalarianUse of stagecraft technology, Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones It also took the industry forward as the first major film to be shot using a digital camera. Dr. virtual press conference on Thursday OB-One KenobiEvan McGregor recalls digital cameras in 2000:

“Those cameras were like dinosaurs. They had state-of-the-art technology, but compared to what we shoot now, huge umbilical cords are coming out behind their cameras. They can’t change lenses. Or they could change the lens, but it would take half an hour. So, everything was just shot in a zoom lens. Two techno cranes have two digital cameras, literally, they simply move the cranes and they zoom in and out. And it was the new setup and the navel that made this big tent in the corner of the stage literally buzz. “

Increasing pain

Because Ewan McGregor then turned on that camera Star Wars: Attack of the Clones There was so much noise, they had to go back and repeat the lines:

“In post-production, they finally realized that the sound they made was in the frequency of the human voice. So we had ADR per single line The second episode. None of the original conversations were made through it because the cameras were so new and no bugs worked. So, it’s really like night and day compared to what we’re doing now. “

Here is a summary for the upcoming Star wars Series:

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, former JD Master OB-One Kenobi embarked on an important mission. Kenobi will have to deal with allied enemies and face the wrath of the empire.

Directed by Deborah Chow from the Joby Harold script, the series stars Evan McGregor, Hayden Christensen, Moses Ingram, Joel Edgarton, Bonnie Pace, Kumel Nanjiani, Indira Verma, Rupert Friend, O’Shea Jackson Junior, . The return of the legend will also be seen in the series Star wars Composer John Williams, who did a theme.

OB-One Kenobi May 27, 2022 Disney Plus will premiere with two episodes Stay tuned for the upcoming series as well as all the latest news of the future Star wars Subscribe to Heroic Hollywood’s YouTube channel for franchises, and more original video content.

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