Ex-boyfriend Chris Brown congratulates Rihanna after her pregnancy

Being one of the top celebrities of this era can be quite fun and difficult at the same time. Everyone always wants to know more, some things can’t be kept secret. But some works are as universal as you may think. Rihanna recently told the world about her expectant child and the world rejoiced. Rihanna, who is currently dating American rapper ASAP Rocky, broke the news that her baby was born on Thursday and that she is now a mother. With much congratulations from around the world, Rihanna is ready to take on her new role as a mother. But among those congratulations, Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend Chris Brown also responded to the news. Posting a story with a woman in prayer hands and pregnant belly, he wrote congratulations on a simple Instagram story. Although Rihanna is not tagged or mentioned, many speculate that the story is about her. Rihanna and Chris had a two-year on-off relationship before 2009. This same year he confessed to abusing her throughout the relationship. Since both are celebrities, the news goes viral. The breakup was messy and drew a lot of attention from the public eye. In all the bad times, Rihanna has told herself that she and Chris have been working on their friendship over and over again. Her first claim was made on Oprah Winfrey’s show, years after the attack. Rihanna says that when you love someone, you just don’t stop it. They love each other and they probably always will. They are again working to build a certain level of confidence. They chose to work in their friendship, slowly. Her main priority is that Chris should be at peace, no matter what. Rihanna chooses to let the past be the past. Chris Brown and Rihanna briefly became friends again in 2012 He claims that he was angry and dark for a while after everything happened But now he claims he has chosen to be happy. He blames himself for his mistakes and claims that he will always be with them no matter how the world sees him.

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