Fans are amazed at Tristan Thompson’s video of his daughter

Tristan Thompson She shared a video featuring her daughter and fans were amazed. Check out the post he shared.

One fan posted the following comment: ‘She just wants him to shut up and let her do her job.’

Someone else said: ‘Tristan: “Say tsunami” True: “Anyway Chile ..”‘

One fan said it: ‘He could just say the word he wanted to say,’ and more people agreed and hit the Like button.

Another follower said: ‘She is very beautiful! But I’ve never seen him with his other off-springs, ‘and another commenter posted this:’ Sometimes I want these moments to be big. ‘

One fan posted the message: ‘One thing about Kardashians, they have gone to make sure their baby’s hair is beautiful.’

Tristan Thompson She showed her fans a video of her favorite kind of date night when some people’s hearts were melting, others were hurting her.

Check out the post he shared on social media. The video features True Thompson, his daughter and Khloe Kardashian’s daughter.

One follower said: ‘It’s not nice that you like one child more than the other. Man up and take responsibility for what you do. I would respect her more if she spent time with all her children and not just with the one she thinks her mother should do the right thing based on being the mother of the most popular baby. Smh. ‘

Someone else said: ‘It’s not cool when you’re looking for other kids to feel sorry for that same time and energy.’

People are talking about one of her kids. Just to refresh your memory, Tristan Thompson Before telling Khloe Kardashian that she had a baby with another woman, she took the following steps: Check out the latest reports from TMZ and TSR here.

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