Favorite Megan Fox showed off a manicure for $ 30,000 diamonds

Dear Megan Fox Shown a manicure for a 30,000 diamond. Rapper Machinegun Kelly showed off a িক 30,000 diamond manicure.

Favorite actress Megan Fox and rapper Machinegun Kelly showed off a িক 30,000 manicure. This is reported by Page Six Style.

Note that the annual Billboard Music Awards 2022 was held in Las Vegas on Monday, May 16th. Among the guests at the event were 36-year-old model-actress Megan Fox and her boyfriend, 32-year-old musician Machinegun Kelly. Fox chose London-based brand David Comer an off-the-shoulder, cut-out black bodycon dress for the event, which he paired with high-cut crystal-embellished gloves. Instead, her chosen Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana has a turtleneck with a spike after the trouser suit, as well as a shiny applique.

Also, the reporters of the portal drew attention to the manicure of the rapper. According to them, a total of 880 diamonds of 11.4 carats were used in the work. This is done by design The Star artist Britney Boys. “It took more than ten hours to create a manicure. It was created specifically for the red carpet,” the expert explained in an interview with the publication.

At the same time, these gems are said to be recycled and included in a limited series of rings. Proceeds from the sale of this jewelry will be donated to a charitable foundation.

In April, it was reported that Megan Fox and machine gun Kelly drank each other’s blood after their engagement. “Don’t think that we drink each other’s blood with some kind of madman and spectacles. We drank only a few drops for ritual purposes. I am attracted to mystery. I practice tarot cards, astrology, meditation and metaphysics. Practice. I’m full moon and We perform various rituals during the new moon, ”said the 35-year-old film star.

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