Female Director, Russian Buyer – Deadline

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from the Cannes Film Festival and halfway through the market.

First of all, how about that weather. The general feeling is that the prevalence of covid at a sunny, personal, one-list festival has greatly diminished, at least it’s great to be back together.

At dinner last night, a seasoned critic noticed to me that the number one favorite movie to date (it’s still in its infancy) means that the arts and media themselves are talking more about problems than movies. Between Russia and Ukraine, ticket concerns, censorship questions, Rithi Panh’s exit from the jury, a red carpet protest, etc., have a lot to say from the lineup.

The films themselves received generally mixed reactions. Perhaps the most favorite picture in the competition so far is James Gray’s passionate Armageddon time. Expected, Top gun There was a great reception by the festival and was memorable by the flying.

The two movies really stand out Corsage And After the sun, The former in Un Certain Regard, the latter in Critic’s Week. Directed by both women: Marie Krutzer and Charlotte Wells, respectively. Both are fighting for domestic reasons.

Inside Corsage, Vicky Cripps has played the role of Empress Elizabeth of Austria who is famous for her beauty, idol and inspirational fashion trends. Meanwhile, Francesca Corio and Paul Mescal are ahead After the sunWhere a young woman reflects the joys and personal sadness of sharing a vacation she took with her father twenty years ago.

As Anne Thompson mentioned yesterday for such underwear, it is a shame that at least the former is not in competition. The female filmmakers took home a bunch of the festival’s big prizes, including Palme d’Or, last year. Sadly, three of the five women-directed films in the competition this year did not make it to the festival. It remains an up-heel struggle in many ways. A report from a Swedish film institute highlighted yesterday that the average female-led fiction feature spends more than a year on projects by male filmmakers.

In the market, we have broken two big deals so far. Netflix dusts off its recent problems with landing Emily Blunt packages Pain Hustler And Apple has just jumped on the Jesse Buckley-Reese Ahmed drama Fingernails.

There is generally optimism about the speed of business. The market did not return as before but more packages were announced before going to market and there will be a good deal.

A talking point has been the attitude of Russian buyers. Despite the vigor from the state-backed Russian Buyer Central Partnership in a trade this morning, we hear the opposite from sellers. We understand that several major U.S. retailers are refusing to sell to Russian distributors, a group of European retailers telling us they are not looking for Russian buyers, and we know that at least one national film retailer has agreed in the pre-market that its members sell to Russians. No. That said, there are multiple Russian buyers on the market and some are certainly acquiring movies. Boycott is always a thorny issue.

Remains a puzzle for most of the theater. The good news is that the epidemic is receding and some big movies are coming out to help bring people back to theaters. But everyone is worried about less movie possession in Europe and elsewhere. The presence of movies in big markets like Italy, France, Spain, Germany is still very low. When Searchlight Amy Adams announced the acquisition of their Splash for the project Nightbeach And saying it was going through Hulu, I looked at a colleague and said ‘how much time changes’. It’s a brave new world out there.

Some vendors may be a little more excited about returning to private events in the post-epidemic context. We’ve heard that some asking prices are creating incredibility. Lionsgate Hunger Games The prequel record was চা 30M demanded from Germany, we understand. The Dirty dance Reboots were also expensive, as a teenager. Both are likely to come down. We also heard some big questions in the small arthouse movie. Like a movie The triangle of sorrow There are some big numbers for the international market. But we also know that there is a strong interest.

More as we have it.

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